Striped maxi skirt, how to style it

I bought this striped maxi skirt long before the lockdown and on a whim. I had not worn it yet and for the first night out I decided to wear it together with an electric blue one shoulder top. Today I give you some advice to combine it in other ways. Ready to read?

striped maxi skirtDo you know when you enter a shop and leave after two seconds with your nice pack? Here, this is what happened to me with this striped maxi skirt.

And like all impulse purchases it has been forgotten in my closet for months! Do you know why?

For two reasons: it creases very easily and I wasn’t sure how to styleit.

I wore it for the first outing with friends in the restaurant (strictly spaced and outdoors) and I decided to combine it with an electric blue mono shoulder top that I found here.

The striped maxi skirt, a classic worth buying

Why buy a striped maxi skirt? Because every year, inevitable, it is part of the collections of almost all brands. With a striped skirt you can never go wrong.

A couple of years ago I bought another one here that you can see styled with sneakers, but while that was discreet, this one is somewhat rowdy.

The black lines are wide and the skirt also has a cut that makes it very wide and floating.

This could make it more difficult to match.

Certainly a black top would be perfect while a white one would not be perfect because it would get lost between the lines.

But this type of skirt also admits colored tops of all types. I chose it electric blue but red, fuchsia green is also fine. Actually this skirt is quite versatile when you think about it because it can also be combined with another contrasting print as long as it has maxi details, maxi leopard print, maxi stripes etc.

What about shoes? With this type of skirt ankle boots, sandals and even sneakers are fine, the important thing is that they create contrast with the skirt itself.

Ah right …. do you want to know where I got this skirt? From H&M! Luckily I paid very little otherwise I would have been very angry.

Why low cost is sometimes synonymous with wasted money

And I underline sometimes, because I have a lot of low cost clothes and I can guarantee you that they are of fair quality.

But this skirt is not, this skirt is impossible.

I don’t know what fabric was used but this striped maxi skirt is wrinkled with a single glance.

And this is really a minus for me. I hate it when I get out of the car or get up from my chair and it seems that I have gone under a road roller.

Generally I am very careful not to buy clothing items in fabrics that crease easily but this skirt has misled me and I think it will soon become a rag for the floors!

Has this ever happened to you?

maxi gonna a righe

Selvaggia Capizzi

Selvaggia Capizzi

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  1. Looking great as always! Love the shirts and blouse! You look so good.
    I’ve also wondered why low priced clothing is associated with poor quality. There are items in my closet that I’ve bought for low prices that I have worn for years. It’s weird.
    Again, you look fabulous!

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