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The streets of Skiathos city are  life threatening, made with stones and pebbles they are very difficult to walk even with a pair of sneakers, here’s what to see in Skiathos city if you are daredevils!

vie di skiathos

Here I brought at least 4 pairs of shoes with heels but the streets of Skiathos made it impossible to use them.

The best I can dare is a pair of jewel sandals by Gardini Spirit because I care about my life. In Skiathos you have to dress appropriately otherwise the risk of falling is very high!

I chose to combine them with a folk skirt from Oeyes and a top from 24.25 Clothing.

The streets of Skiathos all lead to the port

If you manage to get off without breaking your neck bone you will arrive at the port area of ​​Skiathos, divided into old port and new port.

Here the nightlife of the island takes place and you will be able to find many places where you can eat or have a drink with friends.

At 8 am it is also possible to buy fresh fish from local fishermen.

From the old port area it is also possible to access the islet of Bourtzi, connected to the mainland by a small bridge.

The islet of Bourtzi originally housed an ancient fortress

Built in 1206 it was destroyed in 1600 during one of the many invasions but its ruins are still clearly visible. Today Bourtzi is famous above all because it hosts a cultural center and a theater where it is possible to listen to musical performances.

In any case I advise you to dress comfortably, with a look similar to mine because it is still very hot even in the evening.

On the island you can also see the bust of Alexandros Papadiamantis, the contemporary writer born in Skiathos.

Who is Alexandros Papadiamantis?

Among the streets of Skiathos, the main one is dedicated to him, the Greek writer born in 1851 and author of various fiction books including The Murderess, the story of a grandmother who kills her niece to spare her a life of hardship.

To Papadiamantis are dedicated both the main street of SKiathos and the airport , located a few kilometers from the city.

The architecture of the Greek island town is the classic one with white houses and colorful doors like the one you see behind me. But the lines are more squared than the buildings you can find on the Cycladic islands.

The streets of Skiathos are narrow and traffic-free, as is the port area.

So if you rent the car and you have the house in the city remember that you have to park outside and make a nice piece of road on foot!

vie di skiathos

vie di skiathos

vie di skiathos

vie di skiathos

vie di skiathos

Selvaggia Capizzi

Selvaggia Capizzi

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