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The straw hat is the must-have accessory of summer 2018! The one I wear here is a gift from my Knight who, while he was taking these pictures, was amazed! Not for me but … I’ll tell you here.
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The straw hat is an accessory that every summer, comes back into fashion.

In recent years, however, it has become the object of desire to wear and photograph both on the seashore and in the city.

I love hats in general but the straw hat is the one I love the most. I find it so feminine, romantic but also versatile.

It can give originality and character to even the simplest and casual look.

As I said, the straw hat I wear in these photos is a gift from my Knight. He bought it in Tuscany during our last weekend in Val d’Orcia and I obviously wore it right away!

We stopped to take some shots in one of the characteristic Tuscan cypress avenues, the one that leads to the Abbey of Spineto, a magical and unique place, reserved for stays, events and exclusive weddings.

While my knight was concentrating on taking some pictures of me, he opens his eyes, looks behind me and tells me not to move!

I thought that behind me there was a huge butterfly ready to attack me! For those who do not know, I have the phobia of butterflies … pure terror if only I see them from afar.

I remained motionless with my heart in my throat !!! And instead, luckily for me, it was “only” a wonderful roe deer that hopped happily and happily!

What a fright I got! Ugh poor has understood my terror and came immediately to console me.

And do you have any phobia that paralyzes you?


Tips of the day

  • We can customize our straw hat with flakes, flowers or with colored scarves. Let’s free our imagination!
  • In addition to the hat, we use the right solar to protect ourselves from the sun … the suncreen products by Uriage.
  • Undecided about where to go on vacation? I recommend the holidays in Ischia.

straw hat

Esmeralda Evangelista

Esmeralda Evangelista

Beauty blogger, fashion blogger, fashion events Roma Sono Esmeralda, cugina di Francesca e sorella di Gianluca! Sono femmina e come tutte le femmine che nessuno si azzardi a non farmi studiare una qualsiasi vetrina con abiti, borse, scarpe e gingilli vari. Anche quella gran sfigata di Cenerentola ha puntato tutto su una scarpina e guardate cosa ha acchiappato: principe e regno con tanti omini e donnine che le lustrano le scarpe e le stirano i vestiti!

3 Responses

  1. Hello
    I have phobia for frogs … omg just thinking I’m stressed.
    But your scare was so cute !!
    I also think that a straw hat makes all the difference in a look, I have a great collection ahahah !!! And yours is beautiful !!

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