Straw bag, how to choose the perfect one

Straw shoulder bag! Yes, this year more than ever the straw bag is back in fashion, but not just to fill it with sun, sarongs or bikinis! We can choose from many models and colors to match any of our looks.
borsa di paglia a tracolla

A straw bag with shoulder strap … but also with delicious embroidered cherries on the front.

This summer it is impossible not to have at least one straw bag in the closet!

A true summer must-have to wear always, with every look, just choose the right model. I have always loved big ones, with handles, which are usually used to go to the beach and are decorated with flowers, pom-pom, colored ribbons.

To go to the beach they are beautiful and very feminine. A few days ago, however, I fell in love with this straw bag while I was looking for a pair of sandals.

To be honest there was also another delicious heart-shaped one, but in the end I chose this because the other was too small (but I’m thinking of going to buy that one too !!!). Let’s say I’m waiting for the sales to go in search of various models that I fell in love with.

There are all kinds, basket, clutch, mini bag, evening, precious, original or classic. To you the choice!

For now, I have chosen a straw bag with the shoulder strap and I’m using it practically every day.

Not only because I like it a lot but also because it is very light and therefore very practical to wear.

Since I love having original clothes and accessories, I’m thinking of inserting a white and red Vichy checkered ribbon between the links of the shoulder strap … what do you think?


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borsa di paglia a tracolla

straw bag


Selvaggia Capizzi

Selvaggia Capizzi

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  1. Hi Francesca
    I also have fall in love for the straw bags, but I already have several of them at least 10 years ago, I already liked to use in summer, but in bigger size, now that the trend has appeared in all sizes, I loved it and, I already bought at least two more !!! Your with cherries is also beautiful and makes the look much more interesting. And as you say there are for all styles, classic, evenning, mini bag… And I think with the vichy red dress would be perfect!!!

    Big Kiss from Portugal

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