spring summer 2019 jeans trends

Let’s go to the discovery of the spring summer 2019 jeans trends, which ones to buy? I chose a 7.24 bell bottom model and I played it in a western rock style.
jeans primavera estate 2019

Today we are going to browse the spring summer 2019 jeans trends , which model to buy and especially why not take advantage of 2019 winter sales where maybe we can already find something useful?

The ones you see in this picture are the spring summer 2019 jeans of 7.24 that I found from DuedidueShowroom and have a special feature: the bell bottom.

This model is perfect for people like me who love 70s fashion or western style but they are also very well contextualized in a glam rock look.

In this case I chose to wear my new flare bottom jeans in a western rock look combining them with a pair of cowboy boots with stars, a checkered shirt and a faux leather jacket with studs.

The final touch is the Jumbo bag by Chanel and the silver belt by Marciano that I bought in America many years ago and which is still very current.

Indeed, before continuing to talk about the spring summer 2019 jeans trends, I will tell you the story of this belt.

You have to know that I lived in Washington DC for a while (and it’s still in my heart) and, besides working like a bull, I was busy shopping for time.

There was no shopping mall that had secrets for me and even Georgetown was among my favorite destinations.

And just in Georgetown there was the Marciano shop, one of the few single-brand stores as it is generally associated with Guess.

The belt in question was the last one left and was on sale. A lady was admiring it but at a certain point she was distracted to try something else and she left the belt there … alone!

Obviously, moving silently like a panther, I took the belt from her and went straight to the cash register.

Do you know how much it cost me? 10 dollars! One of the few times I’ve made a deal!

Returning to the spring summer 2019 jeans trends, what other models can we buy besides the flare bottom jeans?

If you have a good body, I would definitely suggest you go for skinny jeans that are always in fashion and that you can combine with high-heeled sandals or sneakers.

On the other hand, if you are more for comfort and a less flashy style, focus on a more classic model.

Another very good option is to buy colored jeans, pink, lilac, light blue, green, choose the color you like best and buy it!

Remember only one rule: jeans must be interpreted according to your body and your personality!

jeans primavera estate 2019

jeans primavera estate 2019

jeans primavera estate 2019

jeans primavera estate 2019

jeans primavera estate 2019

jeans primavera estate 2019

jeans primavera estate 2019

Tips of the day

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