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The snake print cowboy boots group two autumn / winter 18/19 trends: the western style and the animal print trend. Today we see how they are worn in a romantic-western style.

The western style and the animal print are among the most sought after trends of this autumn winter 18/19 and the snake print cowboy boots that I wear in these photos represent them both.

Lately I have been very busy in looking for different models of cowboy boots and when I found these snake print cowboy boots by Movimenti / VSL, I immediately made my own for two reasons: the first is that I needed just a pair of ankle boots moro (I have too many blacks) and then because the photos seemed to me of excellent quality.

You have to know that we are talking about a company founded in 1978 by Salvatore De Stefano, and that is now followed by the second generation, with Rosario, Pina, Luigi and Daniela, who are in charge of a division of society

The Movimenti / VSL lines are signed by the well-known designer Pino Balladore who has been designing the collections for the Neapolitan company for 25 years.

The materials are chosen with great care as much attention is given to the structure of heels and bottoms and all the workmanship is strictly MADE IN ITALY.

For this look I opted for a romantic-western style with a powder pink dress by True Decadence, a bracelet in leather by Amahra and the snake print cowboy boots.

Do you know how the idea for this outfit was born? Very simple: I saw on TV “Back to the Future 3”, a brilliant film that projects Michael J Fox and Doc in the old Far West.

Here Doc falls in love with a teacher, all shy and even a bit clumsy. And dressed in clothes very similar to what I wear in these photos.

I wanted to recreate that look starting right from the snake print cowboy boots, combining them also with the vintage belt.

And if you are wondering where these photos were taken … no it is not my house but that of a couple of friends.

I fell in love with this house as soon as I saw it and often “snatch” some shots here. Waiting for me to find a similar one.

snake print cowboy boots

stivaletti texani pitonati

Tips of the day

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Selvaggia Capizzi

Selvaggia Capizzi

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  1. Good morning!! I love cowboy boots, I used to have a really good pair years ago, will have to find another set. I love them teamed with your dress to give a non-cowboy look, very chic and gorgeous. I would definitely wear this dress too :))) Happy Monday x

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