silk kimono, where to buy it on line

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This silk kimono has a beautiful story behind, reading today’s post you will discover something more about my life and I will also reveal where to buy it comfortably online. Are you ready to take a leap into my past?kimono in seta

A silk kimono is a starting point to say a little about me and to share some very dear memories.

And since I am not selfish, I also tell you that I found it on Lilysilk and that  with the FrancescaR code you are entitled to a further 16% discount!

I already talked about Lilysilk in the post on the new silk road, since I found myself very well with the previous order and the silk is of excellent quality, I have ordered something else. Something linked to my past: a silk kimono.

It was back in 1976 when I saw Thailand for the first time, my father was staying in Bangkok and I, my mother and my uncles spent a month together.

It was November and it was hot, I had a beautiful villa full of flowers and animals. In particular two attracted my attention. As an animal lover I spent all my time with geese in my arms. Thinking about it today, I believe that in the end they could not stand the red-haired girl who was pursuing them to hug them.

All the photos of that stay portray me with one of the geese in my arms and a silk kimono identical to the one I wear. It was brought by my father from China.

In that case I wore the silk kimono with the lovely flip-flops my mother bought for me in Bangkok.

The kimono ended up wearing out after a few years but it has always been my regret of not having it anymore.

When I spotted this silk kimono on Lilysilk, I did not hesitate for a moment and quickly put it in my cart.

Today, 42 years later (OMG!!), I wear it in a 70s hippie chic look with Zara’s jeans, my beautiful Pollini mules that I had not worn for a long time and Ottaviani jewelry!

Because, you see, the girl has grown, even a lot, but she still remains a daughter of the 70s. And I say it with extreme pride!

Tips of the day

This blog is seriously based on 70s fashion, an era in which there have certainly been difficult times, with the strong presence of terrorist groups, but which, at the same time, has given Italian families a great sense of well-being . The first and only advice of the day is for our politicians: why not try to take the best of those years instead of inventing untrustworthy governments made up of people who are not credible? I expect a lot from you. Especially for Rome, which is in a real state of emergency. Buses that explode, holes that even after the fall of the meteorites are not seen and so much litter.

These photos were taken at the Museum of Roman Civilization which is reduced to a real landfill. Thousands of empty and broken bottles left by kids who are bivouacked among the colonnades of the Museum and that are NOT removed from the Capitoline administration.

Now try to think about the impact on tourism….

silk kimono

Selvaggia Capizzi

Selvaggia Capizzi

fashion blogger di roma, influencer over 40 amo condividere la mia passione per la moda e soprattutto definirmi l'unica, vera, originale (s) fashion blogger

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