Do you like my new shorts with stripes? Here is the perfect look, by Goa Goa, for a walk in the city. In a really hot climate!

shorts with stripes


Shorts with stripes, a t-shirt and sneakers: this is the first Goa Goa outfit.

Let’s start with a comfortable daytime look perfect for a walk in the city.

Summer invites us to uncover our skin, also because of the desire to tan a little and keep ourselves cooler.

The clothing becomes lighter, the hems get shorter and the look becomes more casual. The wild card of the period, not surprisingly, are the shorts, the shorts in cotton, viscose or denim that put the legs in the foreground.

Extremely suitable for the very young, shorts with stripes can be worn in complete tranquility even in the over 30s and 40s, as long as they are perfectly matched, depending on the occasion.

In this way we will always be impeccable at any time.

Sensual, versatile, elegant or sporty, women’s shorts, despite appearing for the first time on the runways in the Thirties, are now experiencing a truly remarkable boom, a resounding success.

Shorts with stripes : this is the perfect look for a city walk

Shorts, not surprisingly, have long been relegated to the bottom of the wardrobes or left in a drawer because some illustrious names in haute couture believed that they could only be worn by very tall statuesque models. Nothing could be more wrong! Short women’s trousers, in fact, work well for almost everyone: the important thing is knowing how to play with accessories and their lengths.
In this way even a woman or a girl with round and Mediterranean shapes can wear her shorts with ease, appearing at best on any occasion.

How to style your shorts?

Don’t forget that it is absolutely essential to know how to play with lengths. Wearing shorts with a groin cut, suitable only for the youngest and strictly in summer or winter, but taking care to combine it with thick, covering tights, we cannot combine it with a simple tank top or a t-shirt at the height of the navel. Instead, a maxi pullover or an oversize t-shirt that falls loosely on the hips is preferable.

The plus of this outfit? The shoulder bag in leather or in colorful raffia. The measures, needless to say, must be strictly maxi. The right advice, in my opinion, I gave you them!

Now all you have to do is take a trip to the Goa Goa website to choose your favorite model!

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look da città

shorts con le righe

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