After talking about SEO for fashion bloggers, we expand the field and talk about SEO for influencers. Here are other useful tips and tools that I use to index my website.seo per influencer

A few weeks ago we talked about SEO for fashion bloggers and, given the success, today I propose the SEO for influencers, or a search engines optimization valid for everyone.

Before entering the SEO for influencers speech , we give a little clarification on what SEO means and what is to write in SEO language.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, which is that set of rules that allow Google to give a post a high position in the search engine.

The SEO language is instead a set of keywords and writing that allows Google to preferentially read that content.

The SEO and the SEO language are worth nothing if your Home Page is not well indexed so we group the SEO for influencers theme in a series of chapters that for the most part are related to WordPress.

The speed of the home page must be less than 5 seconds and the page weight must be less than 5 MB. How do you know how you are performing? Go to Pingdom to test your home. To speed up your site I suggest you to use these plugins on WordPress: WP Rocket that shows the reader the fastest page in memory and the image compressor EWWW Image Optimizer.

To help the Yoast SEO plugin and have an outstanding  SEO for influencer, I use Wordlift as an interpreter for Google, which is to present posts and articles in a structure that Google understands. Yoast SEO is not enough to have a good indexing, the post must have a structure that is readable for Google. I am very happy with Wordlift and I actually appreciated a vertical growth in the average indexing position and especially in CTR.

We arrive at the SEO language for influencers and analyze it with one of the keywords for which my fashion blog is indexed: fashion blogger rome. First you will notice that I repeated the keyword and assigned an internal backlink to it. Now I add, in this sentence, that my fashion blog was born in 2011 and I got a sentence written in SEO language. Keyword surrounded by two other related keywords that must be close to the main keyword. If you are a food blogger, you will put food bloggers, food, recipes.

We also index images: many of the searches on my blog come through searches of photos on Google such as the notorious sandals with butterflies of Sophia Webster (note that I gave another backlink). Images are indexed using the ALT TAG command.
I see that these posts receive so many clicks, so if you agree, after the SEO for fashion blogger and the SEO for influencers I will share other tools that I use to be found on search engines.

Watch out for the keywords in this post. How many do you recognize?

seo for influencers

Selvaggia Capizzi

Selvaggia Capizzi

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