Selvaggia, the real fashion blogger

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Today we talk about Selvaggia, the real fashion blogger. Born in Rome 47 years ago, it is the true identity of Francesca Romana Capizzi. Now I’ll explain why I chose to have a stage name: Are you ready?selvaggia fashion blogger

I want to scream from the top of my lungs: Selvaggia is the true fashion blogger! Francesca Romana is just a stage name! That now I can not change but it is not my real name!

Today I’ll explain why I made this decision back in 2011 and where my name comes from and why now I can no longer call myself Selvaggia in the world of fashion bloggers.

On search engines, if you type fashion blogger rome it always shows up  the name of Francesca Romana Capizzi, my stage name.

I assumed this identity in 2011 when I opened my second fashion blog or Don’t Call Me Fashion Blogger.

The first fashion blog, born in 2008, was called SelvaggiaStyle (which later turned into WildStyle) and was my personal corner where I posted both my looks and some very personal thoughts signed under  my real name,  Selvaggia.

Since we were still few, my blog was one of the first fashion blogs in Italy so much so that in 2010, one of my collaborators (I worked in another area), asked me if by chance I had a fashion blog. He recognized me.

Selvaggia fashion blogger had to cease to exist because it was incompatible with the human thought that permeated the world in which I worked. A hobby like mine was considered “frivolous” and not very suitable for the “authoritative” figure I covered.

No one would have ever posed the same problem, perhaps discovering that our CEO had the hobby of fishing.

Selvaggia fashion blogger no but the fisherman CEO yes! Well ….. do not you find it a bit a contradiction?

At that point I closed the old blog and for over a year I retired from the scene giving up a hobby that helped me to release the tension of work and feel better.

In 2011, the year of great work change, a source of great stress for me, I decided to open a new fashion blog, Don’t Call Me Fashion Blogger.

At this point, mindful of the narrow minds of the people I worked with, Francesca Romana Capizzi replaced Selvaggia in the role of fashion blogger over 40,

But it is not a name drawn at random: Francesca Romana is my second name, the one that was imposed to my mom if she wanted to baptize me as Selvaggia.

Capizzi ….. well Capizzi I stole it from the husband. On the other hand in America women take the surname of their husbands not?

But in spite of the pseudonym of Francesca Romana Capizzi, also in this case I was found, From a colleague (my peer level) who had the gossipy soul and assuring me that he would never disclose my secret then spread it amiably to the whole ‘company!

And who with the same candor said to me: I would never have thought of you such a thing? But what??? Maybe I should have been ashamed of having a passion for fashion when his was …… to make gossip ??? And to you dear fellow colleague I say: better my hobby than yours and remember that you have revealed to me a “heavy” secret that I never reported to anyone. But I could think better 🙂

Today I no longer work in the same sector, I am a free entrepreneur and I have made a profession of my hobby. But I can no longer resume my real name, Selvaggia. Why?

Because nobody knows who Selvaggia the fashion blogger is, since for the past 7 years she has been literally replaced by Francesca Romana in the panorama of Italian fashion influencers.

And it’s a real shame because, today, I really like my real name!

So, dear friends, my name is Selvaggia, I’m a fashion influencer and I do not answer if you call me Francesca. Is that clear?

Selvaggia Capizzi

Selvaggia Capizzi

fashion blogger di roma, influencer over 40 amo condividere la mia passione per la moda e soprattutto definirmi l'unica, vera, originale (s) fashion blogger

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