seashell anklet, a summer 2018 trend

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You don’t have an anklet with shells or better said the seashell anklet? No? Then you can’t go to the beach! Here’s the biggest trend of summer 2018! But mine is different!cavigliera con conchiglie estate 2018

Every summer there is a new one: I talk about trens! This summer 2018 is characterized by anklet with shells or, the seashell anklet.

It seems that this fashion was launched by the mother of all fashion bloggers, Chiara Ferragni.

Back from the birth of little Leo (who seems to have been born with tattoos already), conceived together with FedEx (I call it that), the most famous fashion influencer in the world must have sported the seashell anklet.

And after her ….. there was a flood of requests for seashell anklets. It seems that now they are out of stock because the shells in the sea are exhausted!

I’m not sure how this trend was born, though, because I’m too distracted to notice it.

I only know that in times not suspicious I took this anklet with shells from Joy Boho Jewels.

Paola, the designer, had a long range view (and it’s easy for her since she is more than 1.80 m tall) and she had created the summer bijoux.

But my anklet is different from the others …. it is made of wood and it has only one cowrie shell.

It is super resistant and I took it with me during my holiday in Crete!

On the beach, in Falassarna, all sported the anklet with shells, I instead ,,, the one with THE shell!

You know how it is: I like to distinguish myself 😉

And here’s the story of how I followed a trend without even knowing it.

If it had not been for Paola, I would have been without the anklet of summer 2018, the seashell anklet. A poor figure for those who, like me, have a fashion blog.

But on the other hand I’m the (s) fashion blogger and I’m always the last one to discover things!

All the bijoux I wear in these photos are by Joy Boho Jewels!

cavigliera con conchiglie

seashell anklet

Tips of the day

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Selvaggia Capizzi

Selvaggia Capizzi

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