Satin maxi headband for kids

Today I will tell you how to choose the right hairband: the satin maxi headband really makes a difference even for us little girls!
cerchietto bombato in raso bambina

Hi Sweeties, have you ever wondered about the importance of a simple satin maxi headband for girls?

We are talking about headbands, those apparently simple and meaningless accessories that many girls wear on their heads …

Yes, the headbands! Colorful, sometimes sober, sometimes garish, often rich in rhinestones and colored beads, sparkling like a real crown …

A satin maxi headband for a little girl, in reality, is a boundless universe of emotions, it’s that accessory that makes the difference, that makes you not only beautiful, but … unique!

What do you think of mine?

Obviously I chose a not very sober, but so chic! Really amazing!

Do you like it on me? It goes beautifully with the jeans dress with floral skirt that I was given by Francesca, Irene and Valentina for my birthday!

With this bad weather I never had the chance to wear it and in one of the rare sunny days, I finally succeeded!

And of course we couldn’t miss so many bracelets and comfortable sneakers!

I also find that the fuchsia satin maxi heatband, in harmony with spring, adds that extra touch of color that brings joy and light-heartedness!

Do you know that Francesca is also crazy for the tendency of the maxi headbands (which were launched by Prada, incidentally)? Take a look at it in this post! Doesn’t she look like a Madonna ???

I could never do without my satin maxi headband!
I would feel undressed, totally incomplete!

Except that I have a problem: I don’t understand why, but I always find the headbands going forward almost on the eyes. Every time Francesca teases me.

Well now she also teases me because I lost all my incisors and she says I look like Dracula! But how bad is she???

I adore you as always and thank you for your attention!


cerchietto bombato in raso bambina

satin maxi headband

satin maxi headband

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