Rib cage jeans, how to wear them

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High waist jeans are back in trend and Levi’s rib cage jeans are the novelty that I decided to treat myself with. But how do you wear these jeans to avoid a fashion disaster?

levi's rib cage jeans

Rib cage jeans by Levi’s bring back to fashion something that was … fashionable in the past!

In the 80s, in fact, high waist jeans were very popular but they didn’t look good on everybody!

I don’t even have to say it. Despite being quite thin at 13 I had a super flat side B and high waist jeans emphasized this defect amplifying the famous culotte de cheval.

But of course I put them all the same! And like me other other fearless maidens!

So why are high  waist jeans back in fashion?

Because fashion, like history, is made up of courses and appeals. And since high waist jeans were really very popular why not bring them back and improve them?

Levi’s rib cage jeans are cut in a different way and as you can see from the photos they do not accentuate those defects that I have been carrying with me for over thirty years: flat B side and culotte de cheval!

These jeans have a very high waist (about 30.5 cm) and if you are not made like me they could get under your breast.

They come to me a little above the waist because among the many defects I have, the long bust is among those I hate most. You think all the shirts are generally short on me!

The rib cage jeans, inspired by a pair of vintage 501s from the 1990s, offer an ultra high waist and a button fly that helps define the waistline. It is designed to be tight on the hips and thighs and ends with a straight leg for a more slender silhouette.

How to wear Levi’s rib cage jeans?

It is not really difficult to combine them believe me.

As a top you can opt for a shirt or a T shirt like I did, adherent or floating is indifferent because the waistline, however, creates a sufficient gap between above and below.

Heeled shoes or sneakers?

On the Levi’s website you can find various combinations of rib cage jeans, both with high-heeled boots and with sneakers.

I opted for shoes with heels because, mindful of the mistakes made in the 80s where high waist jeans were used with sneakers, I preferred to let the leg look even slimmer!

Did you convert to high waist jeans? What do you think of them?


rib cage jeans levi's

rib cage jeans levi's

rib cage jeans levi's

rib cage jeans

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