There are not many occasions, especially in Rome, but the red carpet look can always be useful. Today I wear a long Hanita dress from the next spring summer 2020 collection, perfect for a walk on the red carpet!

look da red carpet

The red carpet look isn’t one that you shows off every day unless you’re a Hollywood celeb.

Let’s say that even our Italian actors don’t have many opportunities to be able to walk on the infamous red carpet. The truth is that we are not as good as the Americans in the showbiz industry.

Yet to me and to The Fashion Mob team, it’s happening quite often, the last occasion was the red carpet of Rome’s cinema festival.

But before that we were at the Dumbo preview (where I finally saw Tim Burton) and at Toy Story 4 both in Rome.

What rules does the red carpet look follow?

We had already talked about it before, but essentially the red carpet look follows the rules of etiquette, or so it should be.

This means that the black tie dress code is the right one and, unbelievable but true, those who follow these rules are more Americans than Italians.

Indeed, it is embarrassing: on the red carpet, Rome’s film festival, I saw men dressed like Renato Zero in the golden age and women who seemed to come out of their homes to do their shopping.

I had worn for the occasion a beautiful Hanita dress that, like the one you see in these photos, belongs to the spring summer 2020 collection.

I found both dresses in the Showroom Gierre, official distributor of the Hanita brand and many other beautiful brands.

The dress of today is the one that will also end up on the cover of the brochure that will be distributed to retailers and I immediately liked it for the mix of colors, mint green and fuchsia, which go perfectly together.

It is one-shoulder and also has a flower applied at the waist (which can be removed at will).

Perfect for a red carpet look.

How to organize an explosive closet

That’s a good question: if you find out, give me a ring!

What you see behind me is one of my 7 closets, as you can see the situation is quite explosive.

Every time we open the doors, we risk being attacked by my clothes!

I’m seriously thinking of renovating my home and getting a walk-in closet from what is currently my son’s room.

It’s not like we throw him out of the house, eh? We move him downstairs, as it is now 10 years old and will soon want his privacy!

Only I would need a 100 square meter walk-in closet !!!

What do you recommend?

hanita primavera estate 2020

look da red carpet

look da red carpet

look da red carpet

look da red carpet

red carpet look

red carpet look

Selvaggia Capizzi

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