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There is a color combination that when I was little was highly discouraged: red and pink. Today, thanks above all to Sarah Jessica Parker, this pairing is no longer a don’t but has become a do. As you can see, I like it very much, what do you think?

red and pinkIt was a long time that I wanted to try the combination of red and pink and so thanks to this beautiful dress that today you can find with a 30% discount on the 24.25 Clothing website, I managed to make it happen.

And as a background I chose the pink of the beautiful bougainvillea we found in Greece. One that made the Gardener Husband envious until he discovered, on his return from Greece, that even his bougainvillea has finally decided to remember to be such with a splendid riot of pink flowers.

Red and pink: do or don’t? Yay or nay?

In the past, the combination of red and pink was viewed very badly by fashion experts. When I was little, let’s talk about prehistoric times, it was a practically forbidden combination of colors, like blue and black, or brown and black.

Then fashion began to enhance anti-conformist fashion designers and many color combinations up to now not recommended have become a real must have and a symbol of innovation.

Red and pink became a possible combination until it was confirmed as the color combination par excellence when Sarah Jessica Parker, the unforgettable (more than anything else her looks are unforgettable) protagonist of Sex and The City, shows up at an event with this look.

And I also had to change my mind, red and pink look great together and today I’m showing it to you in this look too. I paired the clean, simple dress with red belt and sandals for a dinner on the terrace of a restaurant at the Plaka in Athens.

And the bag? Well the bag has a history of its own.

Shopping abroad: the freedom to buy what you want

The bag you see in this photo I bought it in Athens together with the silver twin that you will see soon.

The same bag was displayed, in different colors, in more than one shop in Plaka, the historic district of the Greek capital, and at first I was a bit doubtful whether to buy it or not.

But then I said to myself: even if it’s definitely commercial here, nobody will have it in Italy and therefore I can expect it to be a luxury clutch!

This is the thought that generally accompanies me if and when I shop abroad. While I would never make the same thing in Rome, where obviously everyone could have the same bag if we bought it in one of the tourist shops in the center.

And so now I’ll go around happy with my Greek bag!

Do you like shopping abroad?

abbinamento rosso e rosa

Selvaggia Capizzi

Selvaggia Capizzi

fashion blogger di roma, influencer over 40 amo condividere la mia passione per la moda e soprattutto definirmi l'unica, vera, originale (s) fashion blogger

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