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Have you ever thought about going to work wearing a pink suit like this one? Yes of course it is a bit flamboyant but I can guarantee you that if you combine it in the right way you can easily take it to the office too. If we will ever go back to it!

pink suitCan you go to work in a fuchsia pink suit? Yes, if your name is Selvaggia Capizzi and you are an influencer over 40 by profession in a city like Rome. But even if I had been in Milan it would have been the same! Indeed perhaps I would have gone unnoticed !!!

Because I, who am not a conventional person, have not doubted for a moment that a bright color cannot be suitable for an office look or, better still, for smart working!

A fuchsia pink suit to go to the office? Of course!

For years I went to work in the office dressed in serious suits until I arrived in a certain company, a little provincial, they made me realize that suits were not appreciated. I should have dressed more simply and like a flower child hahahaha.

Imagine if you had entered the office with this fuchsia pink suit !!! They would have lynched me !!

But today, with the issue of smart working this suit becomes a possible look. Indeed I find it really right also because among the 2021 trends we find the cotton candy colors.

And with this suit I did an interview for a television show in which, however, they did not take me, could it have been the fault of this suit?

I don’t think so, they even complimented me for the look which was exactly what you see so much that the photos were taken at the end of the interview (done via zoom).

Now, this is a witty look but if you match this same fuchsia pink suit with a white shirt and a nude pump you can easily go to the office! As long as we can go back ….

Smart working look waiting for the pandemic to end

Already, it seems we are already returning to the dark period like that of the Middle Ages. The pandemic shows no signs of ending indeed, given that we have become very skilled in swabbing, we are witnessing an inexorable growth of infected.

The government undertakes drastic measures and imposes smart working at 75%, trying to preserve the school in the presence.

So if yesterday it was essential to think a day in advance about what we should wear the next day in the office, today we find ourselves making this same consideration but localized at home.

So I tell you: go ahead for more sophisticated and, why not, even more noisy looks. Then if you want a total black look free to do it but with some more accessories!

tailleur rosa fucsia

tailleur rosa fucsia

cotton candy colors

pink suit

Selvaggia Capizzi

Selvaggia Capizzi

fashion blogger di roma, influencer over 40 amo condividere la mia passione per la moda e soprattutto definirmi l'unica, vera, originale (s) fashion blogger

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