Pet influencers, the Pet Jam!

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The Pet Jam is a cheerful brigade of 4-legged friends who are looking forward to became pet influencers  and to sharing with you many small and big adventures. Meanwhile, I introduce myself, I am Uffa!

pet influencer

The Pet Jam is here, the first Italian pet influencers team! And now we introduce ourselves starting from me!

Hello everyone, my name is Uffa, I’m a sweet cross of about 3 years and my mamy Emeralda together with my Papy took me to the kennel when I was about two months! Is that why I love them so much?

I have to be honest… I have a real weakness for my dear mother and so when she told me if I wanted to become a nice pet influencer I immediately wagged and I gave her many kisses.

I have to be honest though… I had absolutely no idea what she was talking about! I had never heard this term before… pet influencers! But if that meant being with her all the time, then okay!

A super project was born, The Pat Jam, in which I, my mamy, three nice 4-legged friends and their beautiful mothers will tell you about us, sharing stories, tips, ideas and dreams.

I introduce you immediately to my friends, also new pet influencers!

The first one is Logan a beautiful puppy from Alaskan Malamute is 1 year old and 8 months old and weighs 45 kg!

He’s so big and when I first saw him I got scared, but then I realized that it’s very good and he has such a beautiful mamy! She’s Meggy and she calls him “puppet”!

Then there is Billy, the group’s wise man. A nice 13 year old crossbow, very well brought. All thanks to the love of his beautiful mamy Anthea.

He is also the mascot of the wonderful location where we all gathered together to spend a fun day at Lake Bolsena.

I’m talking about the Casale1541 owned by Anthea and his family, a beautiful B&B where we furry friends are welcome.

Obviously could not miss, in this beautiful group, the queen of Casale1541, Cocò a beautiful cat tricolor 1 year.

Our first photo shoot was very fun but also tiring, especially for the talented and patient photographer Claudia Frijo and Meggy and her puppet Logan who wanted to be photographed cookies continuously!

Luckily, our cousin Francesca also came to help us and tried in every way to steal a dress from Anthea… but that’s another story!!

Not to mention when we decided to take a walk to the lake! Logan was so happy that… He escaped!!! But I’ll tell you about this adventure next time!

Follow us and I promise you will have fun.


pet influencer

pet influencer

Selvaggia Capizzi
Selvaggia Capizzi

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  1. Hi Francesca
    I’m a dog person and I think you had a great idea with pet influencers, they are so cute!! I don’t have a dog, the dog I show on insta it’s my oncle’s dog but I love him like he was mine.
    I’m waiting for more pet influencers posts.

  2. Oh what a fun post and such cute dogs! I follow so many dog accounts in Instagram, they always make me smile!

    Hope that you had a great weekend 🙂 The weekday wear linkup is live on my blog, I’d love you to join! 🙂

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