The perfect sweater for Christmas

Every year I accumulate one more in my drawer. What will be the perfect sweater for Christmas? Today we discover what the 2018 sweaters collections for us men!

The perfect sweater for Christmas? I wish I knew it!

You must know that every year I accumulate (a minimum) a least one more sweater in my closet. Today we discover together what the collections 2018 propose us: I have chosen different possibilities, also according to the budget!

Ah, of course this is the man version … For the girls version wait Alessia, in the next week she will tell us her selection.
The perfect sweater for Christmas must be in my opinion, truly truly Christmas-ish.
Ovs offers both sweater and cotton blend sweatshirts. Some are even discounted, what is better than that?
Despite my not so young age I am a lover of Disney: enter the Christmas atmosphere with this Mickey Mouse sweater! With a nice character graphic and a classic snowflake pattern, this soft sweater is a Christmas classic. Alternatively, get caught up in the festive spirit of the adorable duck with the Donald Duck sweater. The lively model is decorated with a large image of the character embellished with embroidered details and an applied gift box.

NAPAPIJRI offers the Dege Crew crewneck sweater in a red-cream or blue-cream variant. You certainly go to other figures but if you go to Amazon you can take advantage of it and find it on offer with a discount of 40%

Star Wars lovers at the call: the perfect sweater for Christmas is definitely there for you. This year there are an infinity of proposals of your favorite characters in Christmas version. Do a search on google: you will surely find the perfect one for you.

Finally, you can opt for a different wool sweater.

A turtleneck, a vaguely vegetal theme, with those colors that recall Christmas without liming the hand on the theme: emerald green, orange and peach pink. Nothing red, just to avoid another cliché.

A “mountain” look that would be perfect with the other crucial elements for a guessed Christmas look, such as chinos or tailored trousers and a pair of boots, reinterpreted in an elegant way for the 2018 winter.


maglione perfetto per natale

perfect sweater for christmas

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