Macro influencers vs organic influencers. Who are the latter and why does it seem that they will steal the job from someone who has influenced marketing for years?

organic influencersA few days ago I came across an article that talked about organic influencers and the possible role they will have in the influencer marketing of the future.

I was immediately intrigued and I shared the article with the girls of The Fashion Mob, the team of Italian influencers I am part of.

Yes, because in this article the death of the glossy world of macro influencers is announced for lack of trust. Whose? Readers or brands? Probably both.

Who are organic influencers and why could they take the place of macro influencers?

Organic influencers are real people with a limited but very loyal following. They talk about purchases actually made and express their opinion in a frank and genuine way.

Why? Don’t macro influencers do it too?

Well in short: sincerity varies from influencer to influencer and in addition we must take into account the rule of the inverted pyramid. The more famous you are, the more followers you have but those who follow you are not as loyal as those who follow a NIP (Not Important Person).

In addition, we must always take into account the pressure exerted by brands to have positive reviews. A bit like Amazon or Tripadvisor where every seller or manager asks customers for a positive review.

On the other hand, who among us does not consult the reviews before buying or before going to dinner in a restaurant?

Here, the history of brands and influencers is exactly this. I, brand, pay you, influencer,  to show my product to your audience and I pay you to review it positively.

Over the course of my 11 years as a fashion blogger I have known people who, to make money, wore or reviewed everything positively and who, like me, makes a selection.

But due to this admixture and the abuse of the word influencer, a little confidence has been lost in this role.

That’s why the role of organic influencers could take hold.

They buy, try and have their say without owing anything to anyone. At least so it should be ….

Too bad that if we think about it we too were born as organic influencers, I bought things for myself and I continue to buy them.

Then the brands sneaked in and, in most cases, the reviews were no longer entirely sincere: who tells us that this does not happen even with the new generation of organic influencers? It will happen because history is made up of courses and appeals.

Is the influencer marketing of macro influencers productive?

If you want to know more about influencer marketing and ROI (Return Of Investments) read this post.

In the meantime, know that blogs are back in fashion: thanks to Instagram’s disastrous behavior, many brands have come back to rely on bloggers rather than instagrammers, in fact blogs are very useful when it comes to growing the indexing of e-site commerce or to find a particular product on the web.

In any case, authenticity or not, the world of influencers continues to sell!


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Selvaggia Capizzi

Selvaggia Capizzi

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    You are giving me a great news that fashion blogs are up again, I didn’t know about the instagram disaster !!! Thanks for the info!!
    And good thing that influencers continue to sell !!
    You are fantastic !!

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