Office look, how to dress as a pro

Tired of going to work dressed anonymously? Here are some suggestions for a trendy office look that is also suitable for an aperitif with friends!

look da ufficioHow boring …. the office look is the terror of all women passionate about fashion. It is generally associated with sober and anonymous suits.

Today I want to share some tricks with you to make the office look less banal and more fashionable.

Because, you know, office life is already heavy in itself and should be lightened starting from the look.

Office look: colors or black and white?

During my 16 years in the pharma industry I have been able to hear various versions of how to dress for the office.

From those who claimed that the only possible office look was a pantsuit or gray or black to those who instead had to be dressed as if he were a hippy (the latter was an Italian company).

The pantsuit of 24.25 Clothing  I am wearing is decidedly unconventional but absolutely suitable for a sober but fashionable office look.

The leopard print of the pants is mitigated by the plaid background and the red jacket is the perfect complement to a super glam office outfit.

If you want to amaze your colleagues, complete the office look with a pair of iconic shoes such as Valentino’s rockstuds.

Do not be fooled by conventions because what is conventional is almost always an expression of insecurity.

If you want to wear a little color in the office, do it as well, the important thing is that the set is always professional.

In addition, this look is also perfect for an aperitif with friends so you won’t need to go and change at home.

This is precisely the strategy of the brand 24.25 Clothing. Dress the woman from morning to night and on any occasion.

How to live the office life with a smile

If I take an account of the people I met during my corporate life, I can say with extreme certainty that the discontented people are far more than the contented ones.

I went into the office and immediately heard the usual background of complaints and mutters against the company.

As if the company were a superior entity with the appearance of a devil.

I always replied that the company is not an abstract entity  but the sum of the people who make it up, therefore also those who complain.

If you want to improve your quality of life within a company, the primum movens are us who are part of the company.

This is the only way to live the office life with greater serenity and with a smile otherwise you will be crushed by negativity.

Good job!

look da ufficio

office look

office look

office look

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