Office look and smart working mode

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Many think that the office look in smart working mode should be categorized in the causal style. Nothing could be more wrong, because I guarantee you that the gown does make the monk, even on video! Read here!

office lookAccompanying my son to school I often chat with mothers who work in smart working mode and who candidly tell me: “How nice, finally I don’t have to think about the office look but I can dress as I please”. Well no! It is not so.

The working world , due to the pandemic, is moving towards working at home. This is now a certainty. But it is equally certain that what my second boss taught me in my long career as a manager, namely that credibility at work is built at 50% with an adequate look, is still true and now I will explain why even if you work from home you better wear a suit like this from 24.25 Clothing.

Smart working office look: a suit is better than a gym suit

I had already written about the office look in smart working mode and even in that case I had reiterated the importance of considering ourselves as if we were physically present in the office.

Your home is still a workplace and if you make a videoconference you must always be in order.

Someone might think: well I just wear a jacket and sweatpants bottoms or pajamas.

Those of you who make more video calls will also know that at some point it can happen that you are asked for something you do not have at hand or that a sudden coughing fit requires a glass of water. At that point you are forced to get up and ….. ooooh but that’s pajamas !!!!

And then it’s definitely a question of mood. In the very rare days when I don’t get dressed or make up I get depressed, deeply. Keeping yourself in order and taking care of your appearance and look is a powerful antidepressant.

The gown does make a friar, even on video

Now I’ll tell you why the saying doesn’t apply to me, the gown does not make a friar, indeed as far as I’m concerned the opposite is true!

In my long career within pharmaceutical multinationals I have been able to see that the office look is really important for the perception that others have of us. A well-dressed person gives a first impression of professionalism which, if not enriched with content, will take some time to be demolished. And viceversa.

This perception is heightened if we are in smart working mode and do you know why?

Companies do not like working from home because it is less controllable and makes one suspect that the employee may abuse the lack of control. So even the look plays a FUNDAMENTAL component to make your boss understand that we are serious and very focused on work.

look da ufficio

look da ufficio

look da ufficio

Selvaggia Capizzi

Selvaggia Capizzi

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