Off the shoulder dress in winter

How to wear an off the shoulder dress even in winter? Just style it with the right accessories and you’re done. A leather jacket or a faux fur one is the best way not to freeze to death!

off the shoulder dressShould you leave your shoulders bare with an off the shoulder dress in winter?

For the cold-shy ones like me it would be unthinkable and instead since this trend was revamped (I remind you that it was launched in the 70s) the idea of ​​having my shoulders bare even in winter is appealing.

I found this off the shoulder dress in satin on Femmeluxefinery , where you can buy many other very sexy clothing items such as corset tops at a good price.

I immediately liked it because of the very bright color that helps a lot to survive in the gray winter days.

I don’t know about you but I already feel very cold. Not to mention the high humidity that is literally driving my hair crazy! And there is no hair straightener that works!

I think this winter will be really hard in the rain and cold winds, but now we have to get used to it, our climate has really changed.

How to wear an off the shoulder dress in winter

We just need to find the right coat. Because the off the shoulder dress is rather tricky.

I don’t know if it happened to you either, but in my case whether I wear a jacket over a dress that leaves my shoulders bare, the dress goes up and comes up to my neck.

In the end I realized that this occurs especially if the jacket is tight fitting.

So in the end the best solution is to wear an oversize jacket, which leaves the shoulders free and doesn’t pull up the dress.

An ex boyfriend trucker jacket like this could be a good match.

Or, on colder days you might think about wearing oversized fake fur jackets. And I suggest you also bring a nice pair of gloves to avoid freezing.

Once you arrive at your destination and in the warmth you can take off your jacket and show off your beautiful super sexy shoulders!

I decided to interpret this adorable off the shoulder dress in my own way, in a western style, combining it with my unfailing Texan booties with the stars, a belt with tiny stars and a mailman-bag with python print.

What are the most awaited news of the autumn 2019 / winter 2020?

Well the first one, the most sensational is that on November 7th, then very soon, the Giambattista Valli collection for HM comes out. To find out the prices and take a look at what awaits you, read this post.

It’s a collection that is very much awaited by all the fashion victims who, as for other collaborations of the Swedish giant, will queue already from the early hours of the morning or connect to HM‘s online site, waiting for the collection to be loaded.

It is enough to think that on May 25th the pre-collection of Giambattista Valli for H&M was published online and sold out in a few hours. There is not even a small piece of tulle left !!!

Also at H&M you can also find the long knit dress that is driving fashion influencers around the world crazy (but not myself) and that has been very successful during the street style fashion show at the Milan fashion Week.

And then the other news is that Zara has finally decided to include a section dedicated to formal wear.

In particular, lace dresses (and when they never go out of fashion), asymmetrical clothes and flounced dresses will be very fashionable.

And above all …… you must necessarily have a long denim dress. Some time ago I showed you mine in this post. Well know that this dress is so successful that people still write to me to find out where to find it, but by now it’s completely sold out!

In short, in the end, luckily women’s and sexy fashion is back in fashion, I admit I’m happy because I really cant’t sand a woman dressed as a man! What about you?

off the shoulder dress

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