Design With Love is cooperating with a brand new footwear website and it is selecting fashion blogs they consider to be interesting for shoe images and related contents. 
As I am a shoe-aholic they decided to interview me and my shoes…..
The interview has beeen already published and it will be included in the new website at the time of the launch.
You can find the English translation below.
Italian speakers here is the link!

Who is behind your blog? Who are you/are you? 
My name is Francesca Romana Capizzi I was born and raised in Rome. 
I am the daughter of a shopaholic and obviously I am a shopaholic too! 
My mother transfered to me this insane passion and I turned it into a hobby with the opening of this blog 4 months ago. I buy a lot, especially shoes and bags. I am also lucky to have inherited many vintage pieces from my mother. My style is variable, depending on my mood or my inspiration of the moment. Typically I build the look around the piece I want to emphasize. 
I am the mother of a  two year old  baby. Blogging for me is a way to indulge on my passion for fashion and to share it with other people! 

How long have you been in love with fashion? 
I guess since I was born, because of my mother inclination to fashion. 

Why women are so crazy over shoes
I don’t know how it works for other people, but personally I love shoes because they can dramatically change any look. How many outfit we see around exalted or ruined by a pair of shoes?
I often meet women that fro head to ankles are simply wonderful and then … ooooh but what are those ugly shoes? 

What is your favourite shoe model and why?
Heels of course! I never worn flats even when I was nine months pregnant! 

Do you have many low price shoes or few high quality ones? 
I have no preferences. I like shoes so when I fall in love with a model I buy it regardless they are branded or not. 

What are the features that you evaluatewhen choosing a shoe? 
The creativity of the design is the first thing that strikes me. 
Unfortunately I am not looking at comfort! 
Most of the shoes that I have are truly uncomfortable but I gladly sacrifice because they really brighten up any of outfits! 

What is the relationship between shoes and mood? 
If I am a bit down, I put a beautiful shoe and already I feel better, that’s for sure. 
Shoes can give confidence to any woman! 
Do you have a color that appears most frequently in your shoe rack? 
No, now I have a real kaleidoscope of colors in my closet! 

What is the added value you perceive in Italian shoes? 
I don’t want to be trivial with the usual history of quality, even American shoes are adequate nowadays. 
The difference it’s in the creativity. The Italian shoes that I own  are the most beautiful! 

It is possible to express sensuality through the shoes? In what way? 
As I said before, a nice pair of shoes can make woman more self-confident and even more sensual! 

Which criteria you use to suit shoes to your outfit? 
Actually I create the outfit according to the shoes! 
For example, the purple Carvela Assess are very hard to match and I found an old top from the 80s that matches perfecty with them! 
Or let’s think about the Sam EdelmanLorissa : these shoes are wonderful and really original with rhinestones and studs on the back, for them I have exhumed a top that I never put in years! 

Can you think of some other sector linked to creativity (music, comics, literature, cinema, design, …) where shoes play an important role? 
I think of Dorothy’s red shoes in the Wizard of Oz … the will remain in the history! 

What will be your next pair of shoes or a future trend that you expect? 
I am thinking about grabbing a pair of Prada Python and Suede boots! 
Python leather shoes are the must of the new season! 

A last thought about shoes to conclude the interview?
Do you remember the ex-boyfriend in “Something about Mary”?
In the end it turns out that he went mad for Mary’s shoes and in the final scene he has a full buch of them in his arms and even one in his mouth! Shoes can also have this effect on a man!

Design With Love  sta collaborando al lancio di un sito che parlerà esclusivamente di calzature e sta selezionando i blog di moda che ritengono più interessanti per le immagini e i contenuti che contengono.
Visto che sono una maniaca delle scarpe hanno deciso di intervistarmi.
Il link lo trovate qui di seguito
Fatemi sapere cosa ne pensate!

Francesca Romana Capizzi

Francesca Romana Capizzi

fashion blogger di roma, amo condividere la mia passione per la moda e soprattutto definirmi l'unica, vera, originale (s) fashion blogger

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  1. Eh sì Selvy, quanto hai ragione: le scarpe possono stravolgere, in bene o in male, qualsiasi look….
    E possono sicuramente influire sul nostro umore in positivo!!! Della serie: sindrome pre-mestruale? Metereopatia? Un bel paio di tacchi e passa tutto!
    Bell'intervista, complimenti!

  2. Ciao Bella!

    enhorabuena por la entrevista, y por tener tantos seguidores en 4 meses, incluso con un bebé 🙂

    claro que te sigo, muchas gracias por comentarme y seguirme bellisima!



  3. Congratulazioni per l' intervista 🙂
    effettivamente le tue calzature sono sempre bellissime, chi avrebbero dovuto intervistare se non te :)?

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