Dressed alike couples, mothers and daughters dressed alike. But mom and son dressed alike is almost rare? We did it thanks to the T Shirts we took at the Hard Rock in Florence!mamma e figlio vestiti uguali

On the web and in the newspapers you see identical dressed couples, mothers and daughters dressed alike but very rarely do you see mom and son dressed alike.

Yes that’s the ugly truth: because we mothers of boys often find ourselves in difficulty even on how to dress our little kid because let’s face it clearly: boys have less choice than that huge business that revolves around girls fashion.

I often go into a clothing store for children and I realize that the area dedicated to girl’s clothing takes up 70% of the available space.

The choice concerning boy’s fashion is really limited but fortunately I can always find something that is good for my kiddo. Which is almost 10 years old, wears 38 feet and wears 12 years!

He rarely appeared on my blog and on my social networks, this is because I have always tried to respect his privacy, but lately, as a game he asks me to appear together with me and the idea of ​​making some posts about mom and son dressed alike it seemed really useful for all those mothers who, like me, have a son abandoned by fashion 🙂

Mom and son dressed alike with the Hard Rock Cafe T Shirts

Those who followed me on social networks know that I spent one day at the Hard Rock Cafe in Florence, followed and pampered like a queen. One of the most beautiful days of this summer. I went back to Rome with a smile on my face despite the atrocious heat!

There I discovered that the Hard Rock belongs to the Indian Seminole tribe and that it was born 10 days after me: June 14, 1971!

Two reasons to love it even more. Indeed there are 4, as at the Hard Rock in Florence I also found the T Shirts for me and my son.

We both chose to wear them with a pair of jeans and Ray Ban glasses. We are not dressed perfectly alike but almost, at least we have coordinated.

Child fashion is a still underdeveloped business

The scarce choice of clothing for male children would make one think that there is little demand, the reality is that we mothers resigned ourselves a little.

I for one: at the beginning I turned more for shops, now I feel a bit disconsolate. Fortunately my son grew up and I can find something more but it is a great effort.

In any case, I decided that I will devote a little more space to how to dress up your sons and show you some mom and son dressed alike posts!

mamma e figlio vestiti uguali

t shirt hard rock cafe firenze

mom and son dressed alike

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