Miniskirt and sneakers: yay or nay?

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Miniskirt and sneakers fit together or not? For me yes but obviously depends on the length of the skirt and the type of sneaker, today let’s see how to respect the proportions!

minigonna e scarpe da ginnastica

After the post about maxi skirt and sneakers, today we talk about miniskirts and sneakers: is it a possible combination or is it better to avoid it?

Through today’s look, in which I wear a beautiful white denim miniskirt by Levi’s, we try to understand together how to make the most of this type of combination, avoiding running into stylistic errors.

Miniskirt and sneakers can be combined if we respect the proportions

The taller the sneaker (like an ankle boot) the shorter the skirt becomes. But it is not true the other way around, if the sneaker is low the skirt can even reach the knee.

In my case, I chose a jeans miniskirt over the knee (but discreet because let’s remember that I am of an age) and a pair of low-cut sneakers that emphasize the ankle.

What matters is that the leg is slender, especially if you have beautiful muscular legs like those of Cristiano Ronaldo!

I have two wrinkled paws in a Road Runner style (Beep Beep) in Willie the Coyote!

If you have thin ankles you can also wear the knee-length skirt with a pair of sneakers like mine (I would avoid those with ankle boots), but if you have big ankles then opt for the high sneakers and the over-the-knee skirt.

Let’s take the Americans as an example

American women are the queens of the skirt-sneaker combination.

In the morning they leave the house wearing their nice suit and under the skirt they wear sneakers and then change them with a pair of pumps when they arrive at the office.

If before, Italian women turned their noses at this kind of gimmick, many are now doing it.

Also because it can be an excellent idea for a h24 look, in the office with the pumps and the jacket and when it comes to going out for a drink with friends just take off your jacket and put on comfortable sneakers and you’re done!

So to summarize, yes to the combination of miniskirt and sneakers but with an eye to respect the proportions!

minigonna e scarpe da ginnastica

minigonna e scarpe da ginnastica

minigonna jeans levi's bianca

minigonna e sneakers

miniskirt and sneakers

minigonna e sneakers

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