mini fashion blogger in the country

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Today I will show you my day as a mini fashion blogger in the countryside. Every child, immersed in nature, is able to immediately establish an intimate contact … Henri Rousseau said “When I go to the country and see the sun and the green and the flowering of everything, I say” Yes, all this belongs to me ! “mini fashion blogger

Hi sweeties, your little devil is back to tell you about a beautiful day in the countryside as a mini fashion blogger!

Finally it is spring and nature begins to awaken from the long winter slumber, a bit slow, a bit lazy, still stunned by the cold and long days of winter, almost in need of being pampered!

The lawns, first gray and dull, now shine bright green and alive and are tinged with a thousand colors … .a truly wonderful show for the mini fashion blogger!

What a beautiful spring … certainly my favorite season …

Last Saturday, in the company of my parents and our friends, we decided to spend the day in the open country, not far from where we live!

As soon as I arrived, I was amazed by the vastness of the place, by the thousand colors of the meadows, by the smell of the grass … I immediately started running… the sense of freedom that I perceived was too good!

Then, looking around, I noticed huge flowering meadows and I decided to collect my favorite flowers: the daisies!

Those little flowers, so simple, so candid, so beautiful, I adoroooooo …… I really did a nice bouquet!

I also took the opportunity to climb up the huge bales of hay, left in the sun to dry …. How many smells, how many scents … .. seemed to be in a fairy place, magical … and yet we were only a handful of miles from home!

Sometimes we look far away from the impossible, when we have it, without wanting it and seeing it, under our noses!

It was a fantastic and carefree day, made up of lots of games and lots of laughs, just like me!


A kiss from your Ludo the Imp. the mini fashion blogger!

Tips of the day

Ludo The Imp - Una giornata in campagna

Ludo The Imp - Una giornata in campagna

Ludo the Imp

Ludo the Imp

Fashion blogger bambini- Ludo the Imp è il mio nome, la frase che più mi identifica è "papà vuoi capire che sono femminaaaaaa?" Urlo a squarciagola, faccio la spia con gusto e attendo calorosamente che mio fratello venga punito pubblicamente. Mi cambio in continuazione perché mi piace essere bella. Se volete interagire con me dotatevi di un paraorecchi e di tanta pazienza.

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