Mini bags we like: RB Naomi by Romana Busani

I don’t like small bags but among the mini bags I found one that I really like: it’s the mini RB Naomi by Romana Busani. Today I tell you how to choose yours and how to wear it.

mini bagsThe mini bags trend has spread for a few years now.
I admit that I have never loved them very much and that I have always preferred maxi bags. Indeed the maxi maxi maxi bag com and for example the Phantom by Celine that you can see here.
I resisted until I saw this RB Naomi Mini by Romana Busani and I immediately liked it, I like it because despite being small it is also very capacious, a very necessary condition for me since I have a wallet the size of a suitcase.
And, beware, it’s not that it’s big because it’s full of money but simply because I never throw (out of laziness) any receipt or business card and accumulate them all in the wallet that always gets bigger!
So all waste paper but NO money! Because I splurge around!
In particular, I invest in the stock market!

Mini bags: let’s not treat them like the little sisters of the bigger bags

The mini bags are definitely not practical but there is mini bag and mini bag.
To date I have never been convinced to buy one but when I saw the mini RB Naomi by Romana Busani I thought I had found the right compromise between fashion and practicality.
In fact, although mini, the bag is quite large and has found a place inside: the aforementioned wallet, cell phone, car keys, house keys with maxi heart-shaped keychain, sunglasses with hard case , matte lipstick. Not bad huh?
So I changed my mind and I think I will also take other mini bags as long as they are all well organized and capacious like this one.
Among other things, together with the traditional shoulder strap I also received the most elegant one that I will show you soon and that literally transforms this bag giving it an even more glam look!

Who is Romana Busani?

You know that I am carrying out the #influencersforitaly campaign with which I try to lend a hand to Italian artisans and entrepreneurs and Romana Busani is an example of Italian excellence that is worth talking about.
Woman of steel, former model, entrepreneur and finally designer of all Italian bags.
These are the people I admire and from whom we must follow. In short, a story to share and which shows that it is the facts that speak and not the gossip, right?

mini bag romana busani

mini bag romana busani

mini bags

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