Milan Fashion Week street style 2018

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For the September 2018 Milan Fashion Week street style series here is my second look (you saw the first one on Instagram). A big round skirt with heart prints that has caught everyone’s attention!milano fashion week street style 2018

These days the search most clicked on Google is September 2018 Milan Fashion Week street style.

As you know if you have followed me on the stories of Instagram, me and the girls of The Fashion Mob, the team of Italian fashion influencers to which I belong, we were 3 days in Milan during the fashion week.

3 days of fire! Fortunately we had the drivers available otherwise we would not have survived!

I do not particularly love the fashion weeks because being extremely lazy, I prefer to watch the fashion shows comfortably at home. But this year we had the opportunity to be all together and in the end I got a reason

Compared to the early years in which I participated I must say that the Milan Fashion Week street style of this September 2018 was very different. I have not seen the usual circus that usually populates the exterior of the fashion shows.

The look chosen to give my modest contribution to the Milan Fashion street style has only one element “catching glimpses”, the maxi skirt with heart print by Dimora, a brand very much in line with my style!

I combined it with the earrings you saw yesterday, a T-shirt and a couple of Texan booties with stars for a look between bon ton and rock.

The background is the famous vertical garden of Piazza Gae Aulenti in Milan, an absolutely instagrammable place and a stone’s throw from the Alberta Ferretti fashion show.

And in front of the parade we found the whole world in postcard, I only tell you that I was afraid of being trampled by the barbarian horde.

This is the first look dedicated to Milan Fashion Week street style 2018, soon you’ll see more, let me know which you prefer!

I am wearing:

Dimora skirt

Katia Berlantini earrings

Les Jeunes Etoiles bag

ISLO booties

milano fashion week street style 2018

milan fashion week street style

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