Maxi headbands and other 2019 hair trends

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Maxi headbands are now on everyone’s head. Launched by Prada and initially unavailable now you can buy them anywhere along with other 2019 hair trends!
cerchietti bombati

Among the 2019 hair trends the most popular are the maxi headbands. On Instagram they are very well photographed and we at The Fashion Mob have bought them of every color.

The maxi headband is good both for adults and for children so much so that they will soon be spotted on men too.

I would never have bought it. I never liked headbands and, above all, they give me a great headache.

But Ida, the most romantic of the Fasion Mob team, was so enthusiastic about this 2019 hair trend that she finally convinced us and here we are, each with its own maxi headband.

The satin maxi headbands are great for the summer

Obviously avoid the velvet maxi headbands because they are too wintery and the glittery ones because the circus effect is just around the corner.

Leave sequins on thinner headbands.

A question they often ask me is if the headband is good even for those with short hair.

Absolutely yes! Indeed it is perhaps even more suitable for a short cut than for long hair.

In addition to the hair bands, you can also play with hair clips

Now it is fashionable to wear many hair pins all together and on one side. Hair clips must be large and eye-catching and the more the better!

Or you can buy hair clips with words, another must-have for the season.

The important thing is to overdo it!

The hair scarves come back to the spotlight

If you don’t like neither the maxi headbands nor the clips you can opt for a nice scarf.

A fashion that comes directly from the 70s and that I find very chic and practical.

When the hair is in disarray, the hair scarf can be a very valid solution.

I often use it at sea, for example, when my hair lives in the wild.

In short, this summer we have so many different ways to frame our beautiful little heads, I suggest you choose the one that’s right for you!

maxi headbands

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