Did you buy a maxi headband? Of course? Do you know that it is the must-have for spring summer 2019? Here’s where to buy it and why you absolutely have to have at least two!cerchietto bombato azzurro

It was launched by Prada and worn by Kate Middleton as well: the maxi headband is the real must-have for spring summer 2019.

I would never have dreamed of buying it, but our Ida Galati, the romantic one of The Fashion Mob team, didn’t want to hear any stories and so she bought a maxi headband for all of us! Indeed two each!

The maxi headband is not easy to find but after various research Ida managed to find it from Cosa Mi Metto.

I must say that I feel a little like the Crowned Madonna wearing it and above all, since I have a big head, after a while my head also hurts.

But if Ida says we have to have at least one maxi headband …. we must have it!

And so, soon you will see us wearing it all together. Because as fashion influencers we have to updated and show a preview of the 2019 spring summer trends.

I actually chose fuchsia and dark blue colors but as I wear a pair of blue ankle boots in this look, I stole the maxi headband in light blue from Fabrizia Spinelli.

Equipped with maxi headbands, we introduced ourselves to Tarì, to give an influencer marketing lesson and they immediately discovered us!

“Will the maxi headband be in fashion this spring and summer 2019?”

The 4 madonnas (who would then be us) nodded enthusiastically!

So, dear friends, you can’t not have a maxi headband!

If only to keep us 4 company!

What color should you choose? What fabric? Fantasy or not?

You can play with both colors and prints but as a fabric look for satin. It is much more chic and summery.

And remember a rule, the color must match well with the color of your hair, in essence if you are blond, avoid light colors and if you are brown look for bright ones. Otherwise you will look deformed 🙂

Because, like it or not, the maxi headband adds volume and it is really very difficult to wear without some precautions.

But if you want to be a trend setter, surprise your friends and buy one!

At most they will exchange you for a saint with a halo !!!

cerchietto bombato dove compro


maxi headband

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  1. Hi Francesca
    I dont like that trend because my face is to round and with a headband I look like a ballon!!
    But I love hairclips and I ll you bet on that, but I must say to you that I love your booties.


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