Are you obsessed with tulle and all that shines like me? Then you must have a maxi dress in tulle with stars like this that I wear. It’s an excellent purchase during the sales: here’s why!

vestito in tulle con stelleAfter the tulle skirt with stars here is my new maxi dress in tulle with stars, in short, you could tell I am literally obsessed with both tulle and stars!

The fact is that tulle is a very feminine fabric and the stars satisfy my whimsical and dreamy soul.

And then, as you all know, I love maxi dresses even in winter. They are beautiful, practical and very comfortable. I now have a lot of them in my closet.

The maxi dress in tulle with stars is suitable for all occasions

And even for all seasons I would say.

Aside from the office, for which the maxi dress in tulle with stars is not suitable, this dress can be worn both day and evening.

In this look you see it interpreted in a western-rock style thanks to the Levi’s denim jacket, silver belt and ankle boots.

This is a daytime look but if we change the accessories it can easily become an evening look. Just wear a blazer, a pair of pumps and a clutch and you’re done. It can even be suitable for a black tie dress code or even a red carpet look.

And, if we think about it, it is a dress to buy immediately during the sales because we can also use it in the summer.

It is very light and has a long, very light petticoat too: it is therefore a maxi dress that can be used both in winter and in summer.

The brand is Isabelle Blanche, I admit that I had never heard of it but I like to browse the shops and discover new fashion companies.

Tulle, a very versatile fabric

Tulle is a fabric that I could call transformist.

If it is the main component of a dress or skirt, it immediately makes them romantic and elegant.

But let’s remember that tulle can appear here and there even in a grunge look and even in a punk look.

It is the dress that dictates the final effect of the tulle.

When I was a teenager I was a dark, that is, I had this total black look, a little Gothic and tulle was an important component together with lace.

And you? What is your relationship with tulle?

vestito in tulle con stelle

vestito isabelle blanche

vestito in tulle con stelle

maxi dress in tulle with stars

maxi dress in tulle with stars

maxi dress in tulle with stars

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  1. You look fabulous in this tulle maxi dress!!! And just like you, I think is versatile and you can wear it for every occasion and in any season.
    I love it!!! 🙂

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