Long sweatshirt dress, how to wear it

Today I want to show you a long sweatshirt dress of 24.25 Clothing that sweeps away any prejudice on this material considered super sporty and that is also good for an office look!

vestito in felpa lungo

Have you ever thought about wearing a sweatshirt dress to go to the office? I bet not.

Indeed I bet that, like me, you have always thought of sweatshirt as a super sporty material.

This long sweatshirt dress of 24.25 Clothing shows that even this fabric can be elegant if cut in a certain way and can be suitable for going to the office.

A long sweatshirt dress as an office look?

In this case I would say yes. In these photos I matched it with the white croc print ankle boots but imagine it worn with pumps: it is a classic office look.

The asymmetrical cut does not reveal excessively your legs and creates a beautiful and very sexy floating effect!

With white ankle boots, it is suitable for a cocktail or a dinner out with friends, as long as you are not clumsy like me. I would certainly throw a glass of red wine on myself!

Well ok, I could not even wear it in the office because I have a tendency to transfer tons of foundation from the face to what I wear!

Down with prejudices and long life to the sweatshirt! And if you are super sporty you can also dare and combine the sweatshirt dress with sneakers. It is a choice that I will never make, but obviously everyone is free to dress as they wish.

I don’t wear sweatshirt garments because they emphasize flaws

How many times has this happened to me too? Countless, I generally don’t like sweatshirt because it makes me look fatter.

Actually there is sweatshirt and sweatshirt, if the sweatshirt is rigid the the fattening issue is nonexistent.

If the sweatshirt is super soft then “Houston we have a problem”, we will look like beached whales.

But it is also the model that makes the difference.

The sweatshirt dress, especially if long, can be a double-edged sword. Practical and comfortable, if it doesn’t have the right cut it can emphasize our defects.

And we don’t like this to happen, do we?

The long plush dress of 24.25 Clothing has the right cut and fabric to hide defects and emphasize our strengths.

In short, we can dispel all prejudices: the sweatshirt is no longer a reserved fabric dedicated to sportswear.

vestito felpa lungo bianco

sweatshirt dress

sweatshirt dress

sweatshirt dress

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