Long denim skirt, how to wear it?

Denim is trendy also this 2020 summer and I found this beautiful long denim skirt that today I interpreted in a country boho style but that can also adapt to other styles including the rock one. How? I’ll explain it right away!

long denim skirtA long denim skirt is always a good idea, it is versatile and can be used on several occasions.

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Is it not easy to understand what we will do this summer, will we be in Italy, will we be able to go abroad? In any case, summer is coming, indeed we can already see it in the beautiful expanses of wheat, one of the most fascinating landscapes of our beautiful country!

And in this context I decided to take my country chic look with the long denim skirt. But be careful: it is not the only style to refer to when you wear this garment.

Why having a long denim skirt helps simplify your life?

The long denim skirt is a real “rescue garment” or a piece of clothing that can save many situations thanks to its versatility.

Shall we give an example? Look at this look: just a soft blouse and a pair of sandals with wooden heels to transform into a perfect “Sapri gleaner”. You know how it is: always have a spare job!

But ….. try to imagine this skirt combined with a t shirt and a pair of ankle boots with studs and you will immediately have a rock look.

If, on the other hand, we wear it with a pair of jewel sandals and a glittery top, it is perfect for an evening with friends.

In short, it is a real passe partout but also a piece of clothing that can solve many situations.

For example, if you are late in the morning and you have not yet decided what to wear or have not had time to wax, put on a long denim skirt a t-shirt and a pair of sneakers and you will be ready to go shopping !

Fashion influencers and hay bales

One trend that has charmed all the  influencers around the world in recent years is to take pictures of hay bales.

I personally tried a couple of times to get on it but it is really impossible, I also suffer from vertigo so for me climbing on the hay bale is really impossible. At most I can stand next to it!

That’s why this face I decided to shoot in a wheat field, apart from a few snakes and a million bees is much easier than getting on a hay bale and the result is always perfect!

gonna jeans lunga

long denim skirt

Selvaggia Capizzi

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