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Reopening does not mean starting again, I read. Of course, because starting again depends on us: we choose Italian brands such as Linea Italia, Made in Italy jewels, pure expression of the skill of Italian craftsmen! Look how gorgeous my Murano glass necklace and my teardrop earrings are!

linea italiaWe keep talking about Italian brands with Linea Italia, the goldsmith company of the Loison family, which for over thirty years has been committed to handing down and exporting Made in Italy jewelery to the world. It stands out on the national and international market for the design and production of handmade jewels declined in a Murano glass line (original and certified) and a modern and timeless 925 Silver line!

The Italian jewels of Linea Italia are an example of Italian excellence

Just look at the jewels I wear: I chose the multifili necklace with original Murano glass beads. The conteria is a small Murano glass pearl, forged according to the most ancient tradition, by the master glassmakers. The clasp is in yellow gold plated silver with the 925 Italy mark stamped on it, as a certification of authenticity and quality.

Then I also took the gold-plated drop earrings from the 925 silver line, a real splendor.

We don’t need to look elsewhere, we have the real beautiful things right here in Italy.

Except that we often think that Made in Italy costs too much, that everything is more beautiful and less expensive abroad, but the truth is that we Italians know a lot when it comes to making beautiful things. We are the home of the best painters, sculptors, writers and a great example of craftsmanship that has no equal in quality!

Reopening means starting again if we are all on the same page

I read many success stories on the web. They are those in which the protagonists do not remain immobile but try to do something to improve their situation, Italians are full of inventiveness, we are a people of creatives. But often we are also a people of grumbling people.

I read many criticisms, many complaints and then I saw who really wants to leave again.

They are all those who during the lock down thought about how to keep the business with alternative solutions or how to get it started again in phase 2.

I have seen hairdressers make hair styling lessons for their clients, deliver dyeing packages and customized hair products …. and others who have preferred to disappear.

I saw Italian fashion and jewelry brands that continued to work online, rewarding the loyalty of their customers with pleasant gifts.

And I have seen many people marry the cause of buying Italian.

So reopening is starting again, but it’s up to us!

Selvaggia Capizzi

Selvaggia Capizzi

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