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The dream of us women? Be wrapped in a pink cloud! I did it with my new maxi lilac tulle skirt and now I’ll tell you where you can buy it!

gonna in tulle lilla

It doesn’t matter if you are not fashion influencers , it doesn’t matter if you don’t have an opportunity to wear it, you definitely must have the lilac tulle skirt  Even just for the thrill of walking around the house!

I found it on Baby Online ( an online store where you can find lots of pink bridesmaid dresses (

If you like it, you can buy my lilac tulle skirt here

Why buy your lilac tulle skirt

We women, since we were children, we grow with the cult of tulle skirts.

We are all promised first Scala dancers. All Carla Fracci in perspective!

Wrapped in pink clouds we take our first dance steps. Which for me have remained the first.

In fact, I did 8 years of classical dance but unfortunately I wasn’t really able to manage it and I never managed to get on my toes.

But I had more tutu than Barbie the Dancer!

And the cult of the tulle skirt has stuck to me!

During my career as a fashion blogger, I have tried various skirts of all, including this one, but I lacked the fact that I had a super fluffy tulle skirt.

And the lilac tulle skirt was exactly what I was looking for!

Yes but where can we wear such an extravagant skirt?

Well the first thing that comes to mind is … inside the house! Do you want to put the satisfaction of finally being the first dancer on the scale … of your own home ???

Of course I’m joking….

This lilac tulle skirt is very versatile, despite being so showy.

If you want to interpret it in a disco look, you can simply combine it with a T Shirt like I did.

If, on the other hand, you have a gala evening, simply combine it with a more elegant blouse or a sequin top.

There are many tulle skirts though, if you really want to look like a princess, take a nice fluffy like mine !!

Remember that even if we are no longer young (or we are differently young, as I say), it is not true that we must deprive ourselves of some excess.

gonna in tulle lilla

maxi gonna in tulle lilla

gonna in tulle lilla

maxi gonna di tulle lilla

gonna di tulle

maxi gonna di tulle

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