Leopard print coat how to wear it

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Today we are talking about a great classic: the leopard print coat (which is also in fashion in 2021) and how to wear it without being overly aggressive. But above all today I will tell you a story of many years ago that has as protagonists a coat and a mother who is quite determined to have it!

leopard print coatThe leopard print coat is now a timeless classic, a bit like the camel coat or the black coat which are the closest relatives except they don’t have the spots.

Or like the corduroy coat, another great evergreen.

How to wear the leopard coat without being overly aggressive?

My advice for people who are not looking for transgressive looks is to dilute the exuberant character of your beloved leopard coat with classic garments and neutral or dark colors such as burgundy and black.

If, on the other hand, you are like me and you don’t care about being moderate then you can also risk rock accessories and a mix & match of prints that certainly does not go unnoticed.

That’s why I decided to combine the spotted coat with Just Cavalli’s Texan boots that I only recently picked up and which have a very special print.

They aren’t super easy to put on because they don’t do the ankle much justice.

Luckily for me, I have a very thin ankle but these boots, reaching the beginning of the calf, make my legs look like two tree trunks. That’s why I thought about combining them with the black bell bottom pants.

I completed the look with my Gio Cellini bag that I found in the Showroom Gierre srl.

An absolutely sober look like my style hahahahahah! Put together for a lunch with Husband, son and dog!

But I’ve been like that since I was a little girl. I’ve never been a classic look type!

And, like me, there are many people who love to amaze and be amazed, this is what happened to me a few years ago.

I want your coat! No it’s not for sale! But I want it!

A few years ago together with the leopard print coat you see in these photos and which was part of a collaboration (I don’t remember with whom) I also bought one by Zara that you can see here.

A heavier coat than this you see in the photo and with more accentuated colors.

I’ve used it a lot, practically every day. I liked it so much that it basically became my favorite piece of clothing.

One day a reader wrote to me, desperate because the coat was nowhere to be found. Nor online neither in Zara stores.

At the time I also opened the shop my closet through which I sold my clothes and accessories that I no longer wore, I sold everything …. except this coat but the lady wanted it. And there was no way she accepted a no. It wasn’t for her but for her daughter who would die if she didn’t have him! She offered me 4 times the amount I had paid and until the end she tried to convince me but I was immovable and so in the end she gave up.

But I am sure that she called me names!

And has such a situation ever happened to you? Do you have a leopard print coat?

cappotto leopardato

cappotto leopardato



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  1. That is such a fun coat and they are great statement boots! how funny that someone wanted to buy the coat from you! It’s a shame you loved it too much to part with it!

    Hope that you are having a great weekend 🙂 It’s a hot one here!

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