Laminated leather biker jackets

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I love leather biker jackets and those born from the collaboration between Dimora and Gianna Nannini are absolutely my favorites. I chose this biker jacket in laminated leather dedicated to our most famous rock star! Do you like it?dimora e gianna nannini

My passion for leather biker jackets is well known and as soon as I saw those born from the collaboration between Dimora and Gianna Nannini I wanted to wear them immediately.

Dimora is a young Italian fashion brand and has designed and produced the exclusive laminated leather biker jackets that accompanied Gianna Nannini on the stage of the “Fenomenale Tour”.

The collection, created in collaboration between Dimora and Gianna Nannini, consists of six leather biker jackets, with super bright colors!

The collection is completely Made in Italy and was tailor-made for Gianna Nannini who personally chose the printed lettering on the shoulders:

“Love” “Phenomenal” “Figa4Ever” “God is a Woman” “We are all terrorists” “Rock” “Gianna”

For these shots I chose “Gianna” but soon you will see me also wear a second leather biker jacket of this incredible collection.

All the look I wear is made by Dimora and I must say that this brand satisfies my rock soul, which occasionally tries to unseat the passionate 70’s fashion one.

The long lace skirt I find magnificent even worn over a pair of leather leggings and the shirt with sequins can also be used in combination with skinny jeans.

Laminated leather biker jackets should not scare you, if you are lovers of understatement is not the one for you, but if you want to dare a little you can easily combine it with a pair of light skinny jeans.

Obviously, because a laminated leather biker jacket does not go unnoticed, here in some shots also appears who is taking a picture while I’m being photographed by Chiara Gasbarri 🙂

Maybe I have a rockstar future or maybe not, what I know is that I like Gianna Nannini as a person, I find she has a beautiful voice even if I’m not a fan of her songs.

For lovers of my family life: do you want to know my husband’s comment when he saw this leather jacket?

“If you dare to wear it with my friends, I swear I’ll divorce you!!!!!”

In fact, I put it but unfortunately he is still my husband!

laminated leather biker jackets

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