Lacoste 2019 spring summer collection

The Fashion Mob interprets the Lacoste 2019 spring summer collection! And I am very fond of this historic brand thanks to the wonderful memories I share with you today!
lacoste primavera estate 2019

As always, the Lacoste 2019 spring summer collection is the right mix of past, present and future.

The classic lines are reinterpreted according to a new concept but without being twisted.

We at The Fashion Mob, wanted to interpret the Lacoste 2019 spring summer collection according to our 4 personalities!

I and Ida have chosen two sweaters, Nadia a striped shirt and Fabrizia the classic polo shirt.

The Lacoste Spring Summer 2019 collection is for all ages

We at The Fashion Mob have different ages: from 32 to 53 (and I don’t tell you who has 53, because you would never believe it!).

Yet each of us has found something suitable for our taste.

I, for example, chose a sweater that resembles the college style or those that at the time brought Adriano Panatta, the best tennis player that Italy has ever had.

And speaking of Panatta, you must know that he is very funny, I still remember his interview in which he said that one day Loredana Berté asked him to go and get a friend of hers and he was shocked because a strange guy came out of the door with a lurex jumpsuit and big hair that he called “Martian”: it was Renato Zero!

Lacoste polo shirts are truly timeless

So timeless that one day I saw my husband with a torn Lacoste polo shirt. Faced with my dismayed face, he candidly admitted that this polo was over 20 years old and that the tears were due to a fall from the scooter many years before.

But being a Lacoste, he had decided to keep it … and wear it!

And it is still present, like a totem, in his closet!

The inauguration of the new Le Club concept of the Lacoste boutique in Rome was an opportunity to wear these looks

How nice finally Rome is filled with fashion events and more.

The opening event of the new Le Club concept of the Lacoste boutique in Rome was really beautiful.

Between good food and interactive areas we were able to admire the entire Lacoste 2019 Spring Summer collection …. wearing Lacoste!

Rome, compared to Milan, is still prehistoric in terms of events but lately something has moved!

Ph. Credits Chiara Gasbarri

lacoste primavera estate 2019

Tips of the day

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  • If you don’t have them yet that’s why you have to buy flounced dresses
  • If you are over 40 I recommend VenusTribella to firm up your skin!
Selvaggia Capizzi

Selvaggia Capizzi

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  1. Hi Francesca
    Your friends are beautiful, but you always choose the most beautiful pieces, shhhh don’t tell them anything ahahah !!
    Your sweater is stunning and Lacoste is a classic !! But I like the men’s clothes more than women’s!


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