Just Cavalli and Made in Italy

Today I am wearing a Just Cavalli total look to talk once again of Made in Italy, the future of Italian fashion, all related industries including us influencers. How will things change in the coming years?

just cavalliThis Just Cavalli total look is particularly dear to me, first because it is made in Italy and second because green is definitely my color, being a redhead.

It also gives me the opportunity to talk again about the importance of supporting the Italian supply chain by giving priority to indigenous rather than foreign purchases.

We have already talked about Made in Italy here and here and today we are talking about it again because I have just seen a transmission that has also clarified the point of view of the Italian brands and the whole world linked to them.

Just Cavalli, Marni, Trussardi, how will the big fashion brands survive the economic crisis?

And not only to the economic crisis, but to the epochal change we are facing?

In the tv show that I saw on Real Time (done really badly as a quality but rich in content) many very interesting things were said and also some more banal. Let’s see which ones:

Online sales becomes strategic: with the street shops in difficulty, the online trade becomes the parachute in order not to go to the bottom. We who have been working on the web for years know it, there are brands that sell exclusively online, cutting a whole series of costs and bringing quality products to the end customer at more accessible prices and with an integrated consultancy relationship. But be careful: if road trade were to fail, a very serious economic crater would be created, which would also lead to lower spending power and the consequent failure of online too. Stores must be kept open and be supported. I will certainly do it.

The number of collections will decrease: and it was time to say. Impossible to stay close to the quantity of collections brought out each year by the stylists and they too are well aware that they will have to somehow approach the ready rather than the collections presented a year earlier.

The fashion shows will currently be streamed: does the ban on gathering prevent the fashion shows from taking place with an audience? No problem at last the fashion shows will be streamed exclusively, and I have organized myself for Home Fashion Week!

What about fashion influencers? After the crisis during the lockdown, the future of influencers seems to have recovered at least in part.

One thing is certain: investing in influencer marketing is always a good thing since ROI is higher.

More than ever, people need to make targeted purchases, and who better than influencers could be trusted?

How do we create a virtuous circle to support Made in Italy?

Bringing back a thought of my friend Giorgia Carlucci, owner and designer of 24..25 Clothing, if we bring all the production back to Italy as it should be, the whole chain must collaborate. Many brands have brought production abroad due to the high costs of producing in Italy.

To help the various gears of the Made in Italy supply chain it is necessary that to create virtuous circle that in the end will bring more money to Italy and also to the Italian artisansmade in italy.

I choose to help Italy and you?


Selvaggia Capizzi

Selvaggia Capizzi

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