Did you know that jewel heel sandals have been in vogue for a few years now? More specifically, they have been widely introduced among the 2015 shoes. the ones I wear belong to Gardini Spirit and today I’ll explain how to combine them to the best.sandali con tacco gioiello

Today we do an accelerated course in the history of the shoe starting from the great catch of this season: the jewel heel sandals.

I have always thought that the heel is the most important part of a shoe, not only for its shape but also for its appearance. Almost all of my 600 pairs of shoes have a special heel. The jewel heel sandals by Gardini Spirit are just right for me.

I took them together with the  jeweled heel mules, just to give you the idea of ​​how much I am  very excited about this trend.

The history of fashion, like history in general, is made up of courses and appeals. The fact is that the jeweled heel or, in any case, the elaborate heel is actually exploded a few years ago, more precisely was the protagonist of the 2015 shoes .

Over the years it has evolved, has taken different forms, has been refined and these with jewel heel sandals are luxurious but at the same time extremely comfortable.

The elaborate heel is absolutely demanding and requires keeping the look as sober as possible.

In my case, as you can see, I chose to combine it with a polka dot blouse and a skirt with ruffles that you can find at Dandara Roma.

The jewels, as always, are signed by my “pusher” of trust: Athena Gioielli!

In particular I wore the rings of the Wear line, all together to make them even more beautiful and visible and play down a little bon ton look!

In any case, the jewel heel sandals deserve to be highlighted so you can wear them with midi skirts that mini or with ankle-length trousers. The important thing is to leave it the right space.

Backstage curiosity moment:

These shots were made by Chiara Gasbarri who was losing patience with the somewhat corpulent gentleman who you can spot  in the background.

The more Chiara grumbled, the more the unsuspecting gentleman entered the picture. Up to challenge the photographer looking directly into the camera!

In the end he abandoned us and I decided to insert a photo in which I walk to Chiara telling her that the camp was freeing! Too bad we had finished shooting!

Tips of the day

If you want other examples of jewel heel or in any case of heels that can make the most of a shoe look here

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fashion blogger roma

jewel heel sandals

fashion blogger roma

sandali con tacco gioiello

francesca romana capizzi

“dai Chiara alla fine se ne è andato!”

sandali con tacco gioiello

athena gioielli

athena gioielli

Selvaggia Capizzi

Selvaggia Capizzi

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  1. I loved your article, read it 2 times! It’s perfect, as it is this trend!
    This are classic sandals, and classic does not go out of style ( as far as I know), still this single strap sandals are a huge trend right now. Strange, right?

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