Jeans at the office, yay or nay?

We all asked ourselves, can we wear jeans at the office? Yay or nay? Or are they relegated only to casual fridays? The answer is in this total look by 24.25 Clothing!
indossare i jeans in ufficio

I’ve been questioning myself for years, between a multinational company and another, can we wear jeans at the office? Yay or nay?

Substantially, based on my personal experience, jeans were relegated to the famous casual friday or, according to the company rules, jeans and sneakers were allowed every Friday.

In reality, if we want to wear jeans at the office even on other days of the week, we just need to take inspiration from this total look by 24.25 Clothing.

The top + pants suit in denim has a bon ton allure that makes it particularly suitable for the office. Plus you can enrich it with the short damask coat to avoid freezing in the morning when you get to work.

I have always struggled a lot with the office dress code because in the first multinational I was trained in, my former boss had told me that to take on a more authoritative appearance I would always have to wear the pantsuit.

Since I don’t like monotony, I bought a large supply of jacket-trousers suits that I literally had to relegate to the bottom of my closet when I moved to an Italian company.

Yes, because when I showed up at the interviews, I barely made it to be hired!!!

In fact, in the aforementioned company, the style was much more casual than the standard, in practice it was casual friday every day. Folk skirts, flip-flops, and t-shirts were allowed, while the too-elegant suits and especially the heels were banned!

Fortunately, in the last company I was able to wear all my suits again, otherwise it would have been a poorly productive investment.

But I admit that I would have liked to wear jeans at the office more freely.

And a denim suit like this would have been perfect. The cut is classic but modern with jeans that reach the ankle emphasizing it.

So the question of whether or not it is appropriate to wear jeans at the office, the answer is yes if everything looks like a classic look.

And if we want to add a touch of color, we can use a large bag like that of Almala Bag, as a suitcase.

indossare i jeans in ufficio

soprabito primavera 2019

jeans at the office dress code

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