We keep dreaming of freedom with these shots dating back to a few days ago and featuring one of the iconic it bags of the 2000s: the Givenchy Antigona. Digged out of my wardrobe thanks to the blue polka dot tulle shirt!

it bags of the 2000sThe #Istayathome campaign continues, essentially DON’T GO OUT! But nothing prevents us from dreaming of the days when we can do it and I in particular do it with one of the iconic it bags of the 2000s: the Antigona of Givenchy.

These shots date back to a couple of weeks ago, when coronavirus was a localized problem in some outbreaks in Lombardy.

Today this is no longer the case and we Italians know it well. And even if the epidemiological data should improve, we must continue to stay home to close the path of coronavirus infection.

To lighten the load we talk about frivolous and light things, taking advantage of my now usual appointment with the Shop My Closet, or the recovery of historical pieces from my closet.

Iconic it bags of the 2000s: Antigona by Givenchy

But mine is not just any Antigona, mine is the 3D series, the one with the geometric figures. To see it well, click on this post dating back to the prehistory of my fashion blog.

She had lain untouched for some time in one of my many closets and I remembered wearing it when I took this blue polka dot shirt.

As soon as I saw it I said to myself: “Toh, it’s the same color as my Antigona!” and therefore I dedicated a day to the archaeological excavation that would allow me to recover the coveted handbag.

It is a capacious, rigid and beautiful bag, it has only one flaw: for what it costs it is not very refined inside. Which is a real shame.

However, I’m happy to have it recovered because I can also use it with other looks.

Fashion at the time of the coronavirus

There are many jokes about the fact that at the end of isolation, we women, net of the gym, the hairdresser and the beautician, will become monsters!

I have found a way to avoid all this and in the next few days I will share some ideas on my social networks.

One thing is certain, fashion at the time of the coronavirus can be a great help for us girls.

For example, I have decided that on alternate days I will organize a lunch or dinner in my restaurant. That is, with my family we will have a dinner at home pretending to be in the restaurant and for the occasion I will wear makeup and get dressed!

The important thing is that we stay at home! Indeed if you have other ideas share them here!

Blouse and cargo pants found at Femme Luxe Finery.

it bags of the 2000s

it bags of the 2000s

it bags of the 2000s

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