Is the teddy coat going to last?

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Never again without a teddy coat! It is now consecrated as the coat of the decade and every woman un the world has at least one, almost certainly brown, just like a teddy bear. I chose a white teddy coat that I combined with a total black look!

teddy coat biancoAll crazy about the teddy coat and so in the end I gave in too but I chose a long white one to stand out from the crowd!

I found my long white teddy coat here (search ID 1565797) and with the Q2Selvaggia discount code you will be entitled to 15% discount on all orders over € 39 placed on SHEIN.

Well let’s say that more than looking like a teddy bear I look like a sheep (I leave out the husband’s comments) but we always talk about fauna!

Is the teddy coat trend going to last for a long time?

Teddy coats began to appear in the limelight a few years ago and since that moment they have stayed solidly at the top of the charts of fashion victims all over the world!

During the last winter seasons there have been many different models, long, short with hood, without hood ….. the important thing is that they are super soft.

Vogue also contributed to its success by dedicating various articles to this type of outerwear.

But teddy coats are not easy to wear because they don’t suit everyone but they are extremely warm and practical.

And they are also a trend destined to pass: put aside the idea that they can become a classic like the camel coat.

I have never been a great admirer of it because it always seems to me to be in a dressing gown and you know that I really don’t like going around in a dressing gown.

But this one was cute and white and hairy so I got it!

Together with my cow fur coat and leopard-print coat it is part of the winter 2021 kit dedicated to animal friends!

Winter 2021 coats: what to buy now

This year, in addition to the well-established ecological furs, there are also color block coats or those with bright colors such as red, fuchsia, yellow and blue.

Since the current situation is already gray enough, I would suggest giving us a nice colorful coat! I already have it in red, fuchsia and blue and now I want to take it yellow too.

Then, if you don’t want to dare too much, you can easily opt for this black coat with faux leather details or for the classic camel coat that everyone likes and never clashes.

Finally there is another classic that I am currently unaware of but that I had until a few years ago: the plaid coat!

And do you like the teddy coat?

teddy coat

teddy coat

teddy coat

cappotti inverno 2021

cappotti inverno 2021

Selvaggia Capizzi

Selvaggia Capizzi

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