Instagrammable bathrooms, how to pick the right one

After talking about flowers today I bring you to the discovery of the instagrammable bathrooms, a passion common to many fashion influencers but that needs some advice to avoid unpleasant surprises!
bagni instagrammabili

Did you know that there are also instagrammable bathrooms? Oh yes because the world of fashion influencers has crept into one of the most private places in the house and beyond.

It all started when a few years ago some influencers started posting selfie in the subway baths, a real trend that was very popular on social media.

From that moment the fashion of the instagrammable bathrooms was born.

The fashion influencers who respect each other have at least a photo in a bathroom, preferably with a whirlpool bath.

Could I not take one too?

Do you know who this bathroom is? Of the parents of our Ludo The Imp. Have you seen how beautiful? Well know that they want to take out the hot tub to get two bathrooms. What do you say we stop them?

When I saw this bath I fell in love and I asked the fierce Hubby to take some pictures immediately before the hot tub was lost forever.

But I say dear Laura and Mirko ….. do not you feel guilty? You’ll deprive the influencers community one of the coolest instagrammable bathrooms! Do not you feel responsible?

Because, you see, I would never take pictures in the bathroom of a subway or a train station, especially in Italy. I prefer healthy home bathrooms.

And I repeat healthy. Have you ever seen the baths of the Termini station? I can and I can guarantee you that it is a miracle if I have not been attacked by the cholera vibe.

Honestly it would not pass me by the antechamber of the brain to take pictures of me in a foul-smelling or dirty bathroom.

So yes to flush out instagrammable bathrooms but let’s make sure that they are clean and disinfected.

Look for bathrooms that have a Jacuzzi or a beautiful view like this and above all they are photogenic.

Avoid resuming the other commonly used sanitary ware in a bathroom such as toilet and bidet.

The bathroom must be tidy and possibly light in color.

So avoid the bathroom in my house (even the bathrooms) because even though they are very clean they are so messy that you risk being crushed by my anti-aging creams! And I guarantee you that given my old age they are a lot !!!

Necklace, bracelet and rings by @athenagioielli

Tips of the day

The pictures taken in the bathroom need a lot of light, but if the bathroom is white you can safely get away from the flash

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instagrammable bathrooms

Selvaggia Capizzi

Selvaggia Capizzi

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  1. Hi Francesca
    I saw some pictures of you in a hotel bathroom and I also did a photo shoot in a bathroom so you are a truly influencer. As for your look Your boots woww and the rest of the look is very classic-chic.


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