Iconic jewel sandals: Giuseppe Zanotti’s Cruel

They are perhaps the most famous jewel sandals, they belong to the Giuseppe Zanotti SS 2013 collection and I have just found them. They are the Cruel sandals, those with golden leaves and they are absolutely …. UNCOMFORTABLE! Here they are styled with a faux leather mini dress for a very rock look!

jewel sandalsThe most worn jewel sandals on the red carpets around the world? The Cruel sandals by Giuseppe Zanotti belonging to the spring summer 2013 collection. 7 years have passed and these sandals continue to be very current, in fact they are part of Zanotti’s cult pieces and the history of jewel sandals.

Kanye West and Giuseppe Zanotti’s jewel sandals: when rap meets fashion.

We read on Zanotti’s website: “For Kanye West, the encounter with this model in a New York showroom was a real love at first sight: the rapper therefore asked the designer to create a completely white version, in line with the cover of the his album “Cruel Summer”.

The sandal combines classic elegance with a baroque motif of golden leaves (they are not flames as I have read in many parts), it soon became a red carpet classic and a must for subsequent Zanotti collections.

“It is a sandal with a strong character”, says Giuseppe Zanotti, “a luxury shoe with a hip hop soul”

I took them as soon as they came out in 2013 and you can see them worn here

After that I lost sight of them, sucked into my huge closet.

Until a few days ago, to wear this faux leather mini dress that you can buy here, I thought about them, my very expensive jewel sandals by Giuseppe Zanotti.

And since we were organizing an aperitif on our now fully equipped terrace, I said to myself: maybe I can manage to walk on it face, I only have to do a short stretch.

Well you won’t believe it but I can still walk on it and I guarantee you that they have an impossible heel that defies the laws of physics!

How to dress at 40

As an influencer over 40, indeed almost 50 influencer since in 2 days I am 49 (GASP) years, I should always ask myself this question before venturing into risky looks.

In reality I think that there is no limit to what you can wear related to age but rather to our body and our personality.

What matters when we are over 40 is that what we wear does not make us look like aged girls,

We also have more than 40 years and enough salt in pumpkin to know what enhances us and what does not. While at 20 we are more likely to dare even when we risk being ridiculous.

A faux leather mini dress and jewel sandals might seem a risky choice for my age but it depends on the occasion for which you wear such a look. Of course I wouldn’t go around shopping in the city but for example it’s ok for an evening with friends (complete with a mask) or in a disco when they never reopen. Provided that you can challenge all the laws of physics by walking on these stilts!

And have you ever bought shoes like this?

Sandali gioiello iconici: Giuseppe Zanotti PE2013

come vestirsi a 40 anni

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