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Hse24, the TV shopping channel, launches Smart & Chic, an exclusive line of clothing that sees this velvet down jacket as the main protagonist!

Hse24 is not just Joachim Kaeser, Franco Ciambella or Jill Cooper but it is also fashion.

In October I had the pleasure of participating in the launch of Smart & Chic, an exclusive brand of Hse24 inspired by a totally Italian lifestye.

A total look with a glam spirit made up of garments conceived in their uniqueness and as a whole to characterize the outfit from head to foot. Smart & Chic encompasses an urban style, so versatile and contemporary (smart) but at the same time trendy and with attention to detail (chic) ​​for the working woman who does not want to give up her style and her femininity.

The first item to be launched was the soft velvet down jacket you see in this photo and which you saw me present live on Hse24.

I’m not a big fan of down jackets because I’m always afraid of the “Michelin man ” effect but I really like this because it’s glam and extremely feminine.

Thanks to the oblique and transversal seams it remains perfectly adherent to the line even on the sleeves. I hate the wide sleeves because I find them really un-feminine.

Another important detail is the high collar that remains lifted thanks to a small trick: it is actually a double neck that guarantees both maximum coverage from drafts and a more glam rock effect.

Last detail that struck me is the contrast between the golden zips and velvet.

The color variants are three: black, blue and burgundy and I personally have chosen the latter as my favorite.

So in the end it is true that it is a quilt but it is also true that it is an elegant down jacket, more akin to my way of dressing.

Here you see it paired with jeans but I find it perfect even with a more chic look with a skirt for example.

In fact, do you know what I’m saying? That I will take some pictures and soon I will post this version too.

In any case this is a type of versatile down jacket, suitable for those who go directly to a party or an aperitif after the office.

At work you wear over a trouser suit and in the evening just change the pants with a tulle skirt and you’re done.

Do you like puffer jackets? Do you wear them?

hse24 smart and chic

hse24 smart and chic

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