How to work out with a faux fur coat

Do you want to be fit for free? I present you fur fit, or how to how to work out with a faux fur coat. You don’t believe it? Read here!
come fare ginnastica con la pelliccia

Women, I have come up with the solution to be fit without spending a fortune! Here is fur fit, a revolutionary way to work out with a faux fur coat and actually lose weight!

You wonder if I’m crazy: no, no! I’m always at these levels of madness but you do not notice it ahahahaha!

The idea of ​​fur fit, how to work out with a faux fur coat. it’s not mine but of some girls who work in the gym where I train, the Olgiata 2012.

You have to know that when I go inside I find them all there, perched behind the reception desk or in the side office with a glass door.

And each time they comment on my outfit, which is generally composed of a gym suit and faux fur. I want to clarify that I wear only synthetic furs, just to be clear!

But I have at least a dozen of faux fur coats, if not more.

The two heaviest are this that you see in the photos and that is by Moschino for H & M and the light blue one that is always H & M.

Both weigh about 8 kg and the girls of 2012 know it very well because they tried to wear them and they were crushed by the intolerable weight.

And that’s where the idea of ​​fur fit was born: “why do not you make a post about how to work out with a faux fur coat and call it fur fit?” They asked.

No sooner said than done! But to do things well, I chose a challenging route, the beach and I added a few pounds more with the bag in which I put my camera (we are talking about a tome of about 3 kg).

The selected beach was that of Torre Paola al Circeo, several kilometers long, one of the most beautiful in Lazio.

After the first 200 meters of walking, the chains on my faux fur coat began to weigh, I felt like I had a truck on my shoulders.

Having cut the first line of the 500 m, I wanted to throw the Canon into the sea.

After 600 m I wanted to throw myself into the sea with all the faux fur coat. I would certainly have drowned because, wet, it would weigh as much as the classic block of cement that was used to drown unwanted people.

In the end I came to walk a mile after which I stranded.

Imagine the faces of people seeing a pink whale on Sabaudia beach!

They called Greenpeace but they did not want me.

In any case, fur fit works: doing work out with a faux fur coat made me consume so many calories and also all my water reserves.

But what a satisfaction: I can also say …. I did it !!

come fare ginnastica con la pelliccia

work out with a faux fur coat

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  1. hello franscesca
    You’re a genius, I hate gym because I don’t like sports clothes, I always like to be well dressed and you do what I do ahahha I always do my walks well dressed. I love your fur coat, the color is wonderful and your boots, I died !!!


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