How to wear a leopard print dress

Today, let’s talk about how to wear a leopard print dress without fearing of being vulgar. It is not a question of stains but only of style, believe me. The queen of the forest tells you so hahahahaha!

leopard print dressSince my name is Selvaggia (wild one), I have been wearing animal prints since I was born and I am practically the queen of the forest, today I am going to talk about how to wear a leopard print dress without being vulgar.

On this blog we talked extensively about the leopard print look and the relevance that the leopard print has in my wardrobe and today I present to you the millionth animal print garment that has become part of my vast collection of jungle clothes.

This dress also has a very troubled history which I will explain later.

How to wear a leopard dress in an everyday look

I bet seeing this look you will say: this is not an everyday look! But for me it is!

I have the leopard dots genetically inserted inside my chromosomal set-up and you can see from how I wear it in a completely carefree way.

Also keep in mind, that as I told you here, leopard prints have now become a classic like neutral colors, so don’t be afraid of it.

Vulgarity is overrated, it is often only preconceived.

Yes, it is vulgar when we go too far to prove that we are more than we really are.

But if we show ourselves for who we are, it’s really hard to be vulgar.

I feel totally comfortable dressed like this because I couldn’t see myself differently. In fact, I’ll tell you I’m even more confident when I wear a rock look like this.

I paired the leopard print dress with a double-breasted leather blazer from Zara, my Chanel Jumbo and above all, listen, I found my Guess ankle boots that I had worn here many years ago.

They are ankle booties that might look aggressive but are actually so well balanced that they are even classic.

It was a real challenge to walk there because I no longer have the balance I used to be but I have succeeded.

In any case, if you don’t feel comfortable with stiletto heels, I recommend a pair of combat boots or Texan boots.

In short, treat yourself to a joy with a beautiful leopard print dress!

Here is the story of a rescue of a badly sewn dress

As promised, now I’ll tell you what happened to me when I bought my leopard print dress. Actually it wasn’t what you see but what appears on my Instagram feed in yesterday’s post.

The photo was taken just before I realized that the dress was flawed or was sewn so badly that it was totally asymmetrical. I had the right side B completely uncovered!

The pattern is the same as what you see in these photos but I liked it a lot more like fabric and print. Unfortunately the showroom didn’t have another one like it and I had to take this one that is always speckled but less cute!

Do you like leopard prints?

vestito maculato

vestito maculato

leopard print dress

Selvaggia Capizzi

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