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Are you over 40 and would you like to fashion a sexy look without exaggerating? Here’s how to wear a crop top at 40. You just need to have a minimum of creativity!

indossare un crop top a 40 anniAs an influencer over 40 (or pretending to be such), I feel compelled to touch on some delicate subjects such as whether it is appropriate or not to wear a crop top at 40.

First of all, what is a crop top? It is a top cut above the navel: to understand each other it is the type of top that the ex Baywatch lifeguard Pamela Anderson loved to wear. On the other hand, she could afford it with that wasp waist and sculpted abs.

The crop top, however, is not good for everyone, regardless of age. Either you have a perfect physique or better forget it.

Is it appropriate to wear a crop top at 40 years ?

I admit that I never liked them, even when I was young and had super sculpted abs.

I don’t know, but going around with my belly uncovered has never done much for me.

But sometimes there are short tops that I like very much like this one that I found on Femme Luxe Finery and that you can find here and that is the twin of what you saw in this post.

The trend of transparent puff sleeves has literally conquered me and I had to have this top too.

But how can I wear a crop top at 40, when the body has now given way and instead of sculpted abs I find myself with a 90 year old abdomen with wrinkled skin and the famous love handles?

I found the right solution: just wear it over a tight-fitting tank top with the same colors.

In particular, if you do not have a very flat stomach, the ideal would be to take a modeling sheath so much that it is not an undershirt, only you know.

Here’s how I managed to wear a crop top at 40.

The winter 2020 leggings are rock-style

There are no longer the leggings of the past … in the 80s they were really simple and were worn under maxi pulls, a bit like tights.

Today leggings are real pants and as such there are different types, including jeggings, leggings made of jeans.

I chose a very original pair, metallic and with croc print to give a rock touch to the whole look.

The other very popular variant are vinyl leggings, which must be used with caution because the BDSM effect is always in ambush!

In short, we over 40 (well I am almost 50 by now) can wear practically everything with some little foresight. The important thing is not to overdo it but this applies to all ages.

crop top a 40 anni

crop top at 40

crop top at 40

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Selvaggia Capizzi

Selvaggia Capizzi

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