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Here we go again, I buy a dress online and it’s too short for me! So here’s how to turn a dress into a top without the need for needle and thread!

how to turn a dress into a topI often have to turn a dress into a top and you? I am on average tall (1.73), nothing special, I know women much taller than me. Yet 90% of the time the dresses I buy online are short. And this thing bothers me immensely whether it is a mini dress or a maxi dress.

Now I ask myself: is it ever possible that the clothes are made to measure for the so-called petite women? Yet they are worn by very high models for photo shoots.

What’s up? Do they get shorter while traveling? In any case, I know how it runs for cover

How to turn a dress into a top without using a needle and thread?

Very simple: just wear it like a top. I’m way too smart huh?

When I happen to order a dress online I try to choose it in such a way that it can also fit as a top in case it should be too short for me.

When I ordered this sweatshirt mini dress, I already imagined it combined with super opaque stockings or black leggings.

Obviously, when it arrived I realized that it was too short to be worn as a dress and therefore I opted for the combination with leggings.

Not all clothes can be transformed into tops even if there are few and rare exceptions.

In my case, no longer having a slim body (it does not seem but it is so), it is really rare that I wear tight clothes and I could never use them as a top with the risk that the seams of the pants can also be seen.

When we think about how to turn a dress into a top, we always try to respect the proportions: in this case, for example, the oversized shirt looks great only with tight trousers like leggings. And with the hair tied back, as in my case.

Is the bun still in fashion?

I’ve always hated buns; when I was little my mother often tried to do it but I resisted strenuously.

However, my rebellious streak was always annihilated!

That’s why when the bun was back in fashion I was horrified, until one day I realized I had so much unmanageable hair that I had to tie it ….. with a bun!

Today the bun is still in fashion and in particular it must be disheveled, so much so that on social networks I have seen the advertising of fake disheveled chignon to be applied as if they were elastic.

I guess I’ll buy them! And what is your relationship with buns?


trasformare un vestito in un top

trasformare un vestito in un top

how to turn dress into a top

how to turn dress into a top

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  1. I’ve had the disappointment of ordering a dress, only to find out that it would be more appropriate as a top, after it arrived too.! Love your handbag. Have a wonderful week.

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